Exploring the Path of Innovation and Transformation: A Conversation with EnterpriseDB

In an exclusive conversation with Amaralingeswara Rao Kaka, Director Professional Services – APJ at EnterpriseDB, we delve into the company’s vision for the Indian market over the next 2-3 years and its strategies for growth and expansion. EnterpriseDB, a leading player in the database management sector, has been making significant strides in redefining how enterprises manage and process their data. With a strong focus on innovation, EnterpriseDB’s unique offerings have set them apart from traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS).

What are the key features that differentiate EnterpriseDB’s products from other traditional 
relational database management systems (RDBMS)
Postgres is the most transformative open source technology since Linux, and EDB is the leading contributor to Postgres. Our Postgres solutions are designed to help enterprises build new modern applications and help dislodge and replace legacy database incumbents to make Postgres the preeminent standard.
From self-managed private clouds to fully-managed public clouds, EDB delivers customers the most complete and robust Postgres solutions in the industry. As one of the leading contributors to PostgreSQL code, EDB empowers businesses to deploy Postgres anywhere that fits their strategy, without vendor lock-in, with options for distributed Postgres and Oracle compatibility.

How does EnterpriseDB address the needs of enterprises dealing with large-scale data processing and analytics?
Enterprises are increasingly embracing a diversified cloud strategy that includes a multi and hybrid cloud approach, but finding the necessary support can be challenging. EDB BigAnimal™, our fully-managed database-as-a-service (DbaaS) offering, effortlessly meets these challenges by allowing customers to deploy their own cloud account and leverage BigAnimal™’s cloud account simultaneously.
With options for distributed Postgres and Oracle compatibility, customers can experience extreme high availability and ease of migration — all with support from the company that knows Postgres better than any other.
Finally, EDB’s enhancements and tools address the needs of large-scale data processing and analytics through high performance, scalability, advanced replication, parallel processing, integrated analytics, and support for big data. In addition, optimization and tuning tools, along with comprehensive support and services, help enterprises effectively manage and process their data.

How does EnterpriseDB stay updated with the latest developments in the database industry and incorporate them into their products?

EDB builds Postgres, alongside a vibrant, independent community. As the biggest contributor with the most committers, EDB is at the forefront of innovation shaping the direction of the technology.
Most enterprises are adopting open source software and moving to the cloud. Customers don’t want to be vendor lock-in anymore for their critical software and expect it to be scalable, easy to set up, and secure at optimal cost.
EDB has come up with a fully managed database-as-a-service (BigAnimal™) that runs in your cloud account or BigAnimal™ cloud account, where it operated by the Postgres experts. BigAnimal™ makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale your databases. As a database solution, it provides businesses with flexibility in scalability, robust performance, and an optimized cost- to-resource ratio. It truly stands out in automatic failover and disaster recovery features, ensuring data security and business continuity. BigAnimal  compatibility with major cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure offers tremendous flexibility and negates the threat of vendor lock-in. Users can conveniently migrate databases between different cloud platforms, a feature not commonly seen in many competing solutions.

How do you see the current Indian market scenario?
Over the past few decades, India has undergone a rapid and transformative journey with the digital India mission. EDB Postgres played a pivotal role in solving some of these data intensive challenges including people identity authentication and the real-time payments standard United Payments Interface (“UPI”), which are critical for the new age rapid growing businesses in the area of Financial services and e-commerce.
The trend of rapid data growth and a variety of applications based on the data will continue and database technologies based on the open source and deployed on cloud are going to play a critical role. EDB will be one of the dominant database players across private and public sectors in this transformative journey in the coming years.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors in the market?
Postgres is the most loved and used database by developers, taking the lead above speciality and legacy databases. EDB Postgres outperforms other databases, in the most critical contexts including technical performance flexibility and applicability across the broadest number of enterprise workloads and value. Open source is at the heart of this.
Postgres is a true open source database, governed by an independent and robust global community. With EDB, the power of Postgres is significantly enhanced to deliver unmatched flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. Our capabilities in Oracle compatibility, distributed Postgres and support for multi cloud and hybrid cloud environments are true differentiators, contributing to EDB’s growth as a top-4 fastest growing DBMS vendor, according to Gartner.
EDB also has a dominant workforce to support the local needs that spread across the product engineering, support and professional services based out of India.

Please talk about your latest products and how are the responses from the Indian market?
Please talk about your GTM strategy

Our business and GTM strategy is built to remove barriers for enterprise customers. The core of our product strategy is focused on three main drivers: Oracle compatibility, distributed Postgres, and expert tools and extensions for Postgres, including capabilities for hybrid and multi cloud.
Our most recent product release included significant enhancements to EDB BigAnimal, which enabled instant deployment on all major cloud platforms. The release addressed a major need from customers to rapidly build and deploy Postgres clusters on any major cloud, within a customer’s own account or through BigAnimal’s cloud account, without a complicated or lengthy sales process.
Earlier this year, we announced the EDB Guaranteed Postgres Migration Program, which provides a no-risk way for enterprises to leave Oracle for Postgres – and experience up to 80% savings on software, support and maintenance costs.
Additional product innovations include a focus on security and compliance through Transparent
Data Encryption (TDE), as well as efforts to improve operational resiliency and scalability through extreme high availability.

Please share your insights on the future of database management; Cloud DBaaS
Postgres technology is improving faster than competing technologies, thanks to the independent nature of the community as well as EDB’s relentless commitment to Postgres innovation. Within the next five years, we predict that Postgres will be the dominant enterprise database standard. The fact that more developers love and use Postgres more than any other database in the world is an important indication of this prediction.
We will also see more enterprises continue to adopt and diversify their cloud strategies. Beyond just generic business process applications, we will continue to see organizations move their complex, business and mission-critical applications to a cloud. This indicates the immediate and real need for vendors that can provide expert support and technology for cloud native architectures.

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