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Securing Tomorrow: Mirasys India’s Vision in Video Analytics and Surveillance

Since its establishment in 2018, Mirasys (India) has been a trailblazer, harnessing esoteric expertise in AI technology, real-time analytics, object recognition, and predictive insights. With an unwavering commitment to data privacy and ethical AI usage, the company has earned the trust of public and government sectors, particularly in Smart & Safe City initiatives, Oil & Gas enterprises, and Transportation networks. At the helm of this technological revolution is Arindam Das Sarkar, the Managing Director of Mirasys (India), whose visionary leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of AI-driven security solutions and business intelligence. In this interaction, he delves into challenges, future industry projections, and Mirasys’s role in shaping a safer, technologically advanced tomorrow.

Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization and the services that your company offers?

Mirasys (India) works in the fast-paced and ever-changing video surveillance and analytics market. Empowered with real time analytics, object recognition, predictive insights, business intelligence, Mirasys has its focus on data privacy and ethical use of AI. It has emerged as the trusted partner in government as well as public domains, enabling smarter and safer cities, safer roads with accident and pothole detection, and most importantly strengthening women safety. Oil, Gas and Transportation sectors have also gained immensely through our Intelligent Surveillance services. Mirasys solutions are being employed in vital sectors like the judiciary, retail shop chains & outlets, and across industries such as manufacturing, logistics, educational institutes, sports, entertainment, banking, utility, healthcare etc.

The customer centric approach of Mirasys has ensured that personalized experiences catering to client needs are delivered. With a motto to encourage the Make in India initiative, we have successfully created 42 Used cases, and have benefitted different industries. By adding AI to our existing VMS platform, we have created an edge to our services, and have established ourselves as the undisputed leaders owing to meaningful impact, innovation and sustainability.

Mention some of the major challenges the company has faced till now?

With the increasing use of AI and data analytics, guaranteeing the security and privacy of sensitive video data is a critical challenge. Mirasys’ data is highly secured to address this issue. The second most difficult task is ensuring compliance with data protection legislation and industry standards. Responding to changing legislation is a constant problem, as are rapid technological advances. Furthermore, integrating surveillance systems with other security and information technology is the key to data privacy issues.  where data is encrypted data is transferred so that only the intended receiver can read it. Another challenge is to create awareness around video surveillance and analytics, as to how it can make an instrumental difference in our overall infra, while mitigating the privacy-related misconceptions. We need to reach out to all stakeholders to ensure swift adoption across industries. From corporates to authorities, everybody needs to take cognizance of it. And gradually, things are moving in the right direction.

Could you describe the process by which the video analytics algorithms identify disturbances or violent acts?

Uncovering patterns in video analytics involves analyzing large volumes of video data to extract meaningful insights and trends. Here’s a step-by-step approach to uncover patterns in video analytics: Data Collection and Preparation Feature Extraction Data Labeling Deep Learning Models Anomaly Detection Time-Series Analysis Object Tracking Clustering and Segmentation Pattern Recognition Visualization Statistical Analysis Continuous Learning Uncovering patterns in video analytics is a complex process that requires a combination of domain knowledge, data science expertise, and deep learning techniques. It is an ongoing effort, and continuous improvement in pattern detection is essential for better decision-making and improved system performance.

How do you see the company and the industry in the future ahead?

Our current focus has been on developing localized solutions for consumption of local projects while using our existing worldwide network. The Indian market is expected to grow by 40% year on year. Increased demand for surveillance systems, improvements in AI and machine learning, smart city projects, and the adoption of these technologies in the retail and commercial sectors are key factors. Growth is also projected to be fuelled by government backing and investment in public safety. The market is expected to grow in the future as AI becomes more advanced.

What does your technology and business roadmap look like for the next 5 years?

Mirasys already drives AI and analytics adoption, as well as data driven IoT, through personalised solutions for specific industry and vertical market needs. Mirasys’ unique selling point includes low TCO, upto 90% accuracy on day one of implementation, flexible business models, VSAAS, PAAS, MAAS, sophisticated encryption, and cyber security, making it the world’s preferred AI partner. While we are already working with futuristic technology, we will continue to ensure that we shall continue to be on top of our game.

How does your company’s rich expertise help uncover patterns with powerful analytics and machine learning?

Mirasys distinguishes itself by its creative application of AI technology, which enables real-time analytics, object recognition, and predictive insights to provide unparalleled security and business intelligence with 90% accuracy from day one. Furthermore, Mirasys India ensures a seamless and personalised experience with a customer-centric strategy that tailors solutions to unique client requirements. Because of this, as well as a strong focus on data privacy and ethical AI usage, we are a trusted choice for organisations looking for top-tier video surveillance and analytics solutions.

Would you like to highlight a few use cases where analytics has benefitted the organisation tremendously?

As a pioneer in the video surveillance and analytics industry, Mirasys has scripted various success stories, across key verticals including Smart Cities, retail, transportation, education etc. One of the use cases that we can refer to is how Mirasys (India) is making cities smarter through deep learning-based analytics. The most pertinent challenges, such as city security, crowd management, road congestions and blocked vehicle flow are being taken care of through intrusion detection, virtual fencing, congestion detection, counter of flow & movement, pothole detection etc. We have in fact laid special emphasis on women safety. Likewise in retail we provided an efficient surveillance system to one of the world’s largest toy retailers. We equipped them with an easy-to-use & centralized surveillance system, which also allowed them to make optimal use of data analytics to better their performance. We have successfully implemented projects across Super stores, schools, harbors, airports, railways, embassy, hotels, sports stadium etc.

How do you manage data security and privacy of individuals?

To protect privacy and ensure data security with video analytics, we should get consent, be transparent, blur or hide personal information, allow sensitive area masking, conduct regular checks, use strong encryption, control access, and store data securely. These measures strike a balance between privacy and the benefits of video analytics.

Surveillance abuse is the most pressing issue in an age when privacy is becoming increasingly vital in our lives. Mirasys India has developed highly encrypted and Cyber Secured solutions that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. Other issues include building a virtual fence for intrusion detection to protect sensitive and high-security areas. This will also prevent people from loitering in restricted locations. Today’s technology is capable of doing exactly this, which was inconceivable just a few years ago.

Please share more details on standalone women safety used case?

In partnership with Intel, Mirasys (India) is pioneering a safer tomorrow for women by harnessing technology to protect and empower them in public spaces. The Mirasys Women Safety Solution, powered by artificial intelligence, combats incidents targeting women in public spaces, campuses, and similar environments. It provides real-time, actionable data for immediate safety improvements. Mirasys (India) integrated the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, enhancing surveillance capabilities with advanced AI technology.

The Mirasys Women Safety Solution employs on-site sensors and cameras to better understand incidents against women in pedestrian areas. It uses advanced analytics to categorize images by gender and gesture, providing insights for safeguarding women. When an incident occurs, the system generates an alert, swiftly notifying security or patrolling units. Besides, it identifies men in women-only areas, lone women in designated zones, and incidents like chain snatching. With real-time detection and prevention, it acts as a deterrent, ensuring women’s safety in public spaces.

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