Digisol Will Have Complete Locally Manufactured FTTH Products Soon


Digisol offers wide range of structured cabling products which includes Copper cabling solutions (Cat5e, Cat 6 & Cat 6A), UTP/STP LAN Cables, Keystones, Fiber cables, Patch Panels, Patch Cords, Face Plates, Pigtails, LIU couplers and an entire FTTH Product line. Being Made in India, Digisol’s structured cabling products comes with patented design, and high quality standards which supports the high performance needs of the present and next generation data communications services, applications and technologies. In an Interaction with Jayanta Ghosh, Editor- in- Chief of SmartStateIndia, Mr. K. R Naik, Chairman & Founder, Digisol Systems, spoke about its latest FTTH products and its subsidy companies for its local Brand products manufacturing as well as its export module.

How Digisol in the past few years have diversify its businesses in India

DIGISOL Brand initially introduced by SMARTLINK in 2009 after parting off D-Link Brand having large manufacturing base in Goa (INDIA). Over the years after continuing in Active Products line with entire end to end IT Networking products & solutions, looking at opportunity of manufacturing SCS Products locally, SMARTLINK decided to manufacture SCS Products. 

Looking at a long term scenario we believed that manufacturing Products locally would be best and having a Technology Partner would be even better hence, SMARTLINK split operations in three independent units. DIGISOL SYSTEMS– an Independent Brand Products Company 100% owned by SMARTLINK. For manufacturing latest type of SCS Products, a new company was formed TELESMART SCS by partnering with a company that had two decades of experience in SCS business and a lot of their own patents. Then, the Active Products manufacturing company was also formed – SYNEGRA EMS 100% owned by SMARTLINK however, we are still looking for right partner in long term. As our SCS patents products are of Enterprise range, we introduced new enterprise range in SCS “DIGISOL ConvergeX” in 2019. Further in 2020 DIGISOL introduced FTTH Products by importing and now SYNEGRA EMS has its own setup manufacturing base, by importing Tooling and testing equipment’s, DIGISOL will have complete locally manufactured FTTH products soon. Year 2021 will be the year of a maximum locally manufactured Products from SYNEGRA and TELESMART under DIGISOL brand. 

What is the key focus area Digisol is focusing now for India market 

We have been in the Networking Product line business from long and we offer many products that are manufactured locally in our subsidy manufacturing plants. Due to COVID, people are working from home and that has led to a massive surge in the use of Internet. Due to demand for high speed internet, FTTH has become necessary for many. We introduced FTTH products at a right time, and became one of the well-known brands in India. We have also observed growth momentum for all our product lines, all thanks to our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, his vision for Vocal for Local has been extremely beneficial for Digisol. There is a lot of awareness amongst customers and they are really making sure that the purchases that they are making are made in India Products. So we will continue bringing innovation to the market and launch more and more products under DIGISOL Brand and manufacture in India through our subsidies. 

Can you elaborate us about your Make in India Initiatives, Made in India products and how it is helping your business

Digisol Brand of Digisol Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMARTLINK which has more than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing in India right from introduction 8086 INTEL Motherboards by manufacturing in Mumbai 1986. SMARTLINK has two independent Manufacturing units SYNEGRA and TELESMART focused in manufacturing Active & Passive OEM/ODM Products and offer to DIGISOL SYSTEMS being well known Brand Company. The subsidy companies also work for many local Brand products manufacturing as well as for export.

Digisol, being an old team of SMARTLINK has decades of experience in sourcing products from worldwide sources and locally getting manufactured from its subsidiaries with a large manufacturing base, has become advantageous. These subsidiaries are manufacturing Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi, FTTH (just started), Copper and Fiber hardware products. Since our companies under SMARTLINK are independent, it’s easy for them to manage and get right kind of association in Industry with right expertise. In other words the manufacturing subsidies can manufacture all types of products required by Digisol.

In this segment how much self-reliant are we in the component as well as manufacturing level?

We as SMARTLINK are into manufacturing of both Active and Passive networking product range. In the case of Active Networking Products, DIGISOL has expertise in sourcing products and capable of getting right by manufacturing it at SYNEGRA. This is purely a volume game, if we need low volume, like 5000 units of a low end cost products or 500 units of high end high cost products then it’s not worth developing detail parts in India. That means we have to import everything except may be packing material. In case volume is large then it becomes easier for SYNEGRA to source some parts locally and some to import as components. SYNEGRA may have to pay some cost, in case the products have software applications otherwise very simple.

In case of Passive Products all finished Products can be manufactured in India and we are manufacturing today, 80% of the components can be manufactured or locally sourced except some detail parts like special design connectors that are patented we have to import. Over all this is easiest, however other companies believe in importing since it is easy “Buy & Sell why to break head in developing locally?”

Passive networking & components’ market in India & Growth factors.

We see growth opportunities in the structured cabling market in the coming years mainly due to growth of market itself. Today connectivity is required for all kinds of business or living lifestyle in house hence, all buildings and all offices need passive networking components. As per an industry report, it is expected that the structured cabling market will grow by 7.4% in India by 2030.  With an increasing demand for improved connectivity performance that could provide greater bandwidth and higher data transfer, India is witnessing a shift from the old generation of cabling to new and high performing products like CAT 6/CAT 6A cables, & Fiber to handle higher Band width. Due to digitization in the country, the demand for data centers is expected to witness fast growth in the coming years, thus this will further lead to demand for structured cabling products in the country. Apart from this, smart city project will help passive networking market grow, because smart cities require strong, reliable communication network in passive products will be the backbone. All these applications need reliable and higher Bandwidth capable products and Digisol has these products ready under separate range “DIGISOL ConvergeX”. We are sure DIGISOL will be leading in Enterprise segment with its more over 100% manufactured products in TELESMART SCS Ltd. 

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