Machine Learning and Python: Top Skills for AI That Will Rule 2024 Job Market, Says Indeed

Indeed, the leading global matching and hiring platform, today shared data on the most wanted skills for AI jobs in India. The top 5 skills most in demand are Machine learning, Python, AI core skills, Communication skills, and Natural language processing. 

India’s AI market is experiencing explosive growth, with projections by Nasscom and BCG indicating it will reach USD 17 billion by 2027, driven by a 25 – 35% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). However, this rapid expansion is creating a significant skills gap, as companies struggle to find qualified professionals with the necessary expertise to implement and manage these evolving technologies. To bridge this gap and thrive in the AI era, it is crucial for job seekers to be aware of and acquire the most in-demand AI skills.

Indeed’s data mention that 42% of generative AI jobs in India mention “Machine learning”, while 40% ask for “Python” skills. Python is highly valued for its flexibility in AI and machine learning. AI core skills and communication skills are also sought after, appearing in 36% and 23% of job ads respectively. Other skills that are in demand are Natural language processing (20%), TensorFlow (19%),  Data Science (17%).

Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India, said, “India needs to focus on improving skills to be a leader in global discussions about AI. Companies should help their workers learn more to keep up with the needed skills,” Kumar emphasized the importance of learning these skills for those interested in AI.

Full List of Top 15 Skills That Employers Look For While Hiring For AI Roles: 

S.No Skill % of job postings
1 Machine learning 42%
2 Python 40%
3 AI 36%
4 Communication skills 23%
5 Natural language processing 20%
6 TensorFlow 19%
7 Data Science 17%
8 AWS 14%
9 Deep learning 14%
10 Java 11%
11 Azure 11%
12 Image processing 10%
13 SQL 10%
14 PyTorch 9%
15 Agile 8%

Interest in AI jobs has risen sharply in recent years in India. Our recent survey indicated the optimism that Indian employers have towards AI, with over 85% expecting AI to create new jobs in 1-5 years. The time is ripe for a tech-led skills transformation to help us lead the AI age.

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