Knoa Software Announces Strong Demand for User Experience Management Software in 2020

User Experience Management Software

Knoa Software announced 2020 market demand momentum driven by companies prioritizing WFH employee productivity and efficiency during the global pandemic. The company noted a strong trend toward new cloud deployments of its world-class solution, in addition to existing customers transitioning from on-premise deployments to the Cloud. Knoa’s software continues to prove significant ROI in SAP S/4HANA migration projects.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the workplace dynamic overnight, accelerating work from home initiatives with minimal preparation from IT departments. This presented multiple challenges:

  • Would the enterprise software function the same way when accessed remotely compared to being in the office?
  • Would any issues related to compliance, security or confidentiality require changes to workflow, user interface, functionality, etc.?
  • Would employees be able to adjust to the ‘new normal’?

Throughout 2020, Knoa worked with new and existing clients to overcome these challenges. Its Knoa UEM cloud solution provided unparalleled insight into employees’ ability to function and utilize enterprise software efficiently and effectively. It enabled enterprises to detect process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, buggy software, user errors, unintuitive interfaces, and other issues that impacted productivity. With these analytics in hand, enterprises took corrective actions, including technology upgrades, workflow redesign, error message resolution, personalized training, process changes, and more.

TGS , the largest natural gas transporter in Latin America, is just one of Knoa’s customers relying on Knoa UEM to support the transition to a remote workforce when Covid-19 hit. Due to the sudden mandatory quarantine, the company had to rapidly adapt its employees’ daily operations while minimizing business impact. The IT department responded by creating multiple virtual machines and ensuring that all employees could connect to TGS’s servers from their homes with no difficulty. But they needed a way to ensure a positive user experience. Knoa’s solution, sold by SAP as SAP UEM by Knoa, gave TGS full visibility into its employees’ interactions with their enterprise software suite, allowing them to pinpoint all technical issues and productivity challenges and trace them back to their sources.

“2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but essential organizations and businesses had to continue operating,” said Knoa CEO Brian Berns. “Most importantly, they had to make sure that their remote workers could perform effectively and stay engaged in a new and sometimes chaotic environment. We are very pleased that we were able to help so many companies overcome these unexpected obstacles.”

Knoa worked closely with customers who provided critical services during the pandemic, including major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, utilities and distribution companies. These organizations had to continue to operate effectively, and their remote employees played a crucial role. Other Knoa customers were in the middle of major upgrades, including SAP S/4HANA migrations, when the pandemic hit. Knoa provided valuable insights to ensure the success of these projects.

Knoa launched two significant technologies in 2020. The Knoa Analytics platform extends and complements the Knoa UEM offering with a new set of analytical capabilities geared towards accelerating adoption of enterprise software, increasing user productivity, and offering more intuitive insights into business performance, as well as team-level and project-based collaboration. The company also released support for SAP Cloud for Customer Solutions (SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud), enabling visibility into how users interact with the solutions; how the solutions are adopted during a new rollout; what type of performance is delivered to the end-user; where the process bottlenecks are; and what type of issues users are experiencing with the software.

“I am very proud of our organization, as Knoa employees were able to adapt to the challenging work environment and deliver new and exciting technology in 2020,” added Berns. “We have very ambitious plans for 2021 both on the technology and business fronts.”

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