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ARAHAS Spearheads New Era in Indo-French Geospatial Collaboration

At the notable India-France Space and Geospatial Business Summit held at the Indian Embassy in Paris, ARAHAS Technologies emerged as a key proponent for Indo-French collaboration in the geospatial sector. Saurabh Rai, CEO of ARAHAS, extended a compelling invitation to French geospatial companies, underlining the liberalized policy regime in India. He envisioned a partnership mirroring the success of traditional large IT firms.

“Our aim is to facilitate a holistic partnership that transcends mere business transactions,” said Mr. Rai. “India’s evolving geospatial arena, enriched by a liberalized policy framework, presents an unprecedented opportunity for French companies to join hands with Indian counterparts in driving innovation and growth.”

The summit was a melting pot of ideas and initiatives. Nicolas Paparoditis, Deputy General Director of IGN – France, highlighted eight pivotal challenges: Urbanization, Forest Management, Agriculture, Risks Assessment, Biodiversity Conservation, Coastline Monitoring, Water Resource Management, and Energy Sustainability, showcasing areas ripe for Indo-French cooperation.

Echoing the spirit of collaboration, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Founder & CEO of Geospatial World Chamber of Commerce, and Tushar R. Phadnis, Counsellor (Space) and ISRO Technical Liaison Officer at the Embassy of India, both underscored the need for enhanced Indo-French collaboration in the geospatial domain. Indian Ambassador to France Jawed Ashraf encouraged the Indian and French companies to build on great relationship among the two nations.

ARAHAS Technologies eagerly anticipates welcoming French partners, setting the stage for a robust collaboration that promises to revolutionize the geospatial sector.

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