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Therelek Engineers achieves Data Loss Prevention with Costs Savings through BLACKbox adoption

Data Loss Prevention solution

In the last four decades, Therelek Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has become a leading manufacturer in India for High-temperature Furnaces, Heat Treatment Systems, and Custom Engineered Industrial Heating Solutions. With its established expertise, the company has delivered over 4,500 furnaces and integrated heat treatment systems worldwide. Through its R&D efforts and technology collaborations, Therelek has become a trusted provider of industrial heating solutions that meet the most stringent quality certifications. For the company, its proprietary industrial design data is its intellectual property. Therefore, loss and theft prevention of this data along with data security was the matter of prime concern and focus for Therelek.


Though, over the years as the company expanded its business, it had kept pace with the technology adoption for streamlining business processes. However, the company still sought to standardize its IT infrastructure through an integrated solution, which would also offer compatibility with the company’s existing SAP deployment. As the company dealt with proprietary design data, it required a solution for large file handling, data loss prevention (DLP), and data theft prevention. Besides, the company leveraged the G-Suite primarily for its mailing purpose but software licensing was not optimized according to its employees’ usage. For addressing these concerns, the company gave an opportunity to Synersoft Technologies for showcasing the use-case of the BLACKbox solution.


BLACKBox is an innovative solution for MSMEs of India that not only gives data loss prevention and data theft prevention capabilities out-of-box, but is also a capable IT standardization solution. Traditionally, a company would make separate investments in File Server, Mail Server, Firewall, End Point Data Protection, Backup System, Storage Server, and Domain Controller for IT standardization. However, with BLACKbox, all these IT components can be deployed at one-third of the cost of procuring and integrating these complex solutions. Thus, saving the company hassle of multiple vendor management and offering centralized management of disparate IT solutions.

This deployment is for over 100 users distributed across two locations with BLACKbox hosted at the head office of Therelek. It is a Twin Device Deployment for redundancy with 64 TB of raw storage along with off-premise backup on BLACKbox cloud. The solution is deployed to provide real-time failover by BLACKbox Breath-on-Breath technology. It is equipped with SSD caching and network link aggregation to transfer heavy design files over the network.


Not only BLACKbox achieve the objective of protecting proprietary design data from loss, leakage and theft, but it also helped Therelek save significant hardware and software costs. Through the BLACKbox mail distribution system integrated with G-Suite APIs, the company has been able to save almost 70% on G-Suite licensing costs. This deployment has helped Therelek to save license costs on Windows Server and Client Access Licenses. It has saved hardware costs on File Server, Domain Controller, and NAS Storage. It has also saved license costs on DLP Solutions for USB Controls, Email Vigilance, and Internet Usage Controls. It has also helped the IT team of Therelek to focus on more productive business-oriented solutions as they do not have to take regular manual backup.

With Therelek renewing its engagement for BLACKbox for the fourth year in a row, Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO at Synersoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. said, “I still remember shaking hands on this deal 4 years ago. We had just started our operations in Bangalore then. We did not even have many local references to show the credibility and merits of our solution to Therelek. However, they trusted us at our face value to make this deal possible. Time flies, 4 years of esteemed customer-ship. It is special and will always be special.”

For more details on BLACKbox, click here.

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