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In Conversation with Atul Jasra on TPV Technology’s Vision for Innovative Display Solutions

The InfoComm India 2023 event held from October 25th to 27th in Mumbai became the epicenter of innovation and progress, as TPV Technology and its subsidiary, PPDS (Philips Professional Display Solutions), unveiled an array of cutting-edge solutions that are set to redefine the industry. The centerpiece of this exhibition was the introduction of the Philips Tableaux Advanced Colour ePaper (ACeP) display, a pioneering solution that has been the talk of the town in 2023. This full-color, energy-efficient digital signage display promises to usher in a new era of sustainability and visual communication. TPV Technology is the world’s largest manufacturer of monitors and a leading provider of display solutions. We had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Atul Jasra, India Country Head of TPV Technology, who shared insights on the company’s new product line-up, their strategic growth plans, and the exceptional potential of the Philips Tableaux ACeP display. Stay with us as we unravel the future of display technology as witnessed at this remarkable event.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

Can you provide an overview of TPV Technology’s expansion plans for the coming years, particularly in the Indian market?

TPV Technology has ambitious expansion plans for the upcoming years, with a strong focus on the Indian market. Within the B2B sector, we would continue to leverage technological advancements to cater to the specific needs of business. Additionally, our presence in India’s biggest AV event also signals the launch of an exciting new growth and expansion phase for PPDS in Asia, supporting local government initiatives, and adding new levels of support and choice to partners, customers and local communities. Our overarching goal is to attain a substantial market share in all the segments we operate in, solidifying our presence and impact in the Indian market for years to come. Furthermore, we recently announced the inaugural of India’s first PPDS Studio – a hub uniting PPDS innovations and third-party advancements, revolutionizing industry-specific solutions for enhanced productivity and visual experiences. It’s more than a showroom; it’s an experience centre where partners and customers collaborate to bring ambitions to life. Positioned to drive change in the burgeoning Indian market, the PPDS Studio marks a pivotal stage in our ‘Make in India’ journey.

Are there any specific segments or markets that TPV Technology is targeting for growth and expansion in India?

We strategically focus on specific segments for growth and expansion in India. We have a range of diversified products under Audio & TV category for B2C Segment and we also introduced display solutions under the name PPDS, which broadened our product range in the B2B segment. Our overarching ambition is to secure a substantial market share across all segments we operate in. This includes the Audio solution segment, encompassing party speakers, soundbars, personal audio products like headphones, TWS, and more and Professional Display signage solution encompassing digital signage, interactive displays, videowall and dvLED displays, Advanced Colour ePaper displays, as well as Wave remote device management platform. This targeted approach reflects our commitment to meeting diverse consumer needs and solidifying our position in the Indian market.

PPDS is exhibiting a range of products at InfoComm India 2023. Could you provide a detailed overview of the new product line-up that will be showcased at the event and its target industry?

At InfoComm India 2023, PPDS unveiled a diverse range of innovative products across various industry segments. The 153 square meter Philips booth was designed into dedicated zones catering to retail, food and beverage, corporate, education, hospitality, and transportation. Featured solutions included the Philips Signage D-Line, P-Line, Q-Line, Interactive E-Line, and T-Line. A significant highlight was the introduction of the Philips Tableaux Advanced Colour ePaper (ACeP) display, a ground-breaking solution for digital signage, boasting 60,000 colors and energy-efficient performance. Additionally, a dedicated zone showcased the advanced features of PPDS Wave, the secure remote device management platform, offering seamless control and management capabilities for professional displays on a global scale. This exhibition demonstrates PPDS’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions across diverse industries, reflecting a keen focus on sustainability and technological advancement.

Are there any innovative features or technologies that set these products apart from competitors?

TPV Technology takes pride in its commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of technology. Our PPDS solutions, including the Philips Tableaux Advanced Colour e-Paper (ACeP) display, exemplify our dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital signage technology. Our products, are equipped with a range of advanced and multi-award-winning products and software solutions. These include digital signage, interactive displays, video-wall and Direct View LED displays, professional TVs, as well as it’s Wave remote device management platform and ProStore, supporting all major industry verticals. Additionally, our products often incorporate ergonomic design elements, ensuring user comfort and productivity. Moreover, we prioritize sustainability by integrating energy-efficient components and manufacturing processes. These features collectively position our products as leaders in the market, offering a superior user experience and providing tangible benefits to our customers.

Could you elaborate on the strategic growth plan that TPV Technology has in place for the Indian market? What are the key focus areas and objectives?

We at TPV are all set to leverage the advantages that the Robust Growth of Digital Eco system in India Provides. We are witnessing great initiatives by Government of India for boosting Infrastructure across the country where by creating immense opportunities in Smart City Segment for our Professional Displays. With Data in India being most competitive, the use of Interactive panels in Education segment is also witnessing linear growth year on year. Although we do have products which suits the requirement of all verticals, but we intend to have special focus on the products required specific for these two verticals to achieve our growth objectives.

How do you see TPV Technology India’s role in contributing to TPV Technology’s global success?

TPV Technology India plays a pivotal role in contributing to TPV Technology’s global success. The Indian market is dynamic and rapidly growing, presenting immense opportunities. With a strategic focus on key segments like Audio and display solutions, we are poised to leverage the potential of this market effectively. India is an extremely strong market for the pro AV industry with compounded annual revenue growth forecast higher than the global market growth. India and Asia therefore represent some incredible opportunities for PPDS Globally, together with our partners and end customers.

Our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions aligns with TPV’s global vision. By tailoring products and strategies to meet the specific demands of the Indian market, we not only strengthen our position in the region but also feed into the overall growth and profitability of TPV Technology on a global scale. The insights and successes derived from our operations in India serve as valuable inputs for TPV’s broader international strategies, demonstrating the significance of TPV Technology India in the company’s worldwide success story.

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