How inspection products are helping security Management to achieve physical security goals

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Risk mitigation and effective security management are a mission critical task, they require trained security professionals along with the latest bespoke security inspection products. The security inspections are getting more demanding than ever. The guard patrolling routine of man guarding best practices is a very useful tool, but there is always a chance of human error. The security personnel face the challenges of security inspection across the verticals. To attain the security goals the organisations are deploying the innovative security inspection products across the verticals. In the recent time, the demand for technology enabled inspection products are growing.

The new technologies of advanced video surveillance and AI enabled detection applications are the latest trends in security inspection. It is interesting to note that among the security and video surveillance product categories, there is a new addition of security inspection products. The security inspection products are not only creating buzz in the market but they are adding value to the organisations.

Security Inspection of Vehicles

Hikvision India has the best-in-class security products in the security inspection category. It offers security inspections of vehicles at the entry points of corporate offices or critical infrastructure institutions Under-Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS). It does a thorough check to inspect vehicle chassis before the entry inside the gate. If the security guard detects something suspicious while inspecting the chassis, then immediate security alert can be sounded. This inspection product is available in two security options- Fixed under vehicle surveillance system and Portable under vehicle surveillance system.

This vehicle inspection application Hikvision UVSS is available as per the customized requirements across the Airports, Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, etc.

Security Inspection of Visitors: These days security inspection of visitors has become mandatory and thus it is more critical to do the screening of visitors in a non-intrusive manners. In this objective Hikvision’s Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) and Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) are very useful. They are helpful in detecting critical safety threats beforehand.

Security Inspection of Baggage: After inspection of vehicle and visitor the last thing left to inspect is often the baggage carried by the visitor. It is important to scan the baggage in the shortest possible time as the visitor passes through the DFMD and HHMD check. To maintain the flow of check-ins can be challenging and X-Ray Baggage scanners are very helpful in such security inspection tasks.

Hikvision has a whole new range of X-Ray Baggage Scanner with AI- based intelligent security inspection system in India. These X-Ray Baggage Scanners are embedded with AI-based intelligent security inspection systems and smart surveillance cameras which sync with entry exit tunnel. It helps security officer with visual evidence of any suspicious baggage linked to particular person. The X-Ray Baggage inspection system has integrated functions like intelligent recognition of threat objects, Real time Video Monitoring and variable speed, etc. They also address the issue of video and data records.

Threat Mitigation: X-Ray Baggage Scanner can identify the advanced material properties with an effective atomic number. It has standard colour coding for material discrimination for organic, inorganic or metal objects.

AI Based Object Detection: It has an intelligent threat detection technology with the deep learning algorithm. It supports detection of 15 kinds of prohibited things, including Guns (Standard Gun, Non-standard Gun, and Components), Knives (Restricted Knifes, Daily Knives, and Military Knives), Bottled Liquid, Battery, Umbrella, Laptop, Cellphone, Aerosol Can, Scissor and Lighter.

Video Linkage: The Hikvision X-Ray Baggage system has an in-built camera with video recorder. It has an extra channel to show an operator’s video. All these cameras can be sync with baggage image with timestamp.

Excellent Performance and Safety: It has an excellent image quality, double lead curtain design effectively provides extra shielding to minimize radiation leakage. Hikvision X- Ray Baggage scanners are AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) and FDA approved with international standards.

Smart Options: Baggage scanning speed can be improvised according to the scene and demand,supports access to Hik-central, and implement the data upload,Data storage supports local storage, view and playback of the images and alarm information.

Login Options: Supports login with face and fingerprint authentication.

Inspection That Helps Investigation

The latest Hikvision Inspection Product Portfolio is the best way to bolster the security management needs. These products not just help in security inspection, but they also help in investigation with video data and records. Video Surveillance technology has improved crisis event management in a significant manner. For example, Hikvision X-Ray Baggage scanner has four video channels on the analyser to provide videos of baggage handlers, operators and the nearby area. If any image shows that prohibited items are detected, then that image can be related with the video record of the related persons and operators on the duty. Security Personnel can search these video records by threat types, dates and time, to find records easily and even export the video if they have permission. This is a big value addition to the security inspection process. Now crisis events do not have to rely on handwritten notes and operator testimony.

The security inspection is getting revolutionised with the help of new and improved inspection products and technology applications. It is important to deploy well-trained security professionals to handle the latest security inspection products. This will help to evolve the security inspection to the next level.

About Hikvision India

Hikvision India is the leading video security solution provider. In addition to the security industry, the company extends its reach to Smart Home Products and Solutions, Industrial Automation, and Robotics to achieve its expansion plan. The endeavour is to provide superior pre- sales and post-sales service through collaboration with local distributors and its allied partners.

Driven by the ‘Make– in-India’ vision, the company manufactures a wide range of video surveillance products at its state- of-the- art manufacturing facility near Mumbai. Building on innovation and research and development initiatives, Hikvision India is committed to provide best quality products with agile technical support through its Pan India branches and employees.

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