How fibre network are becoming the back bone for Smart cities

India is undergoing a data revolution with increasing data consumption by an average user and increasing download speeds owing to the introduction of 4G technology. Despite the data revolution, the fiber infrastructure  for smart cities in the country is still insufficient to handle the burgeoning data demand leading to low and unreliable internet speeds.

India is developing at a lightning speed. Fast & reliable network connectivity has become an elementary requirement for everyone. The need for intelligent sensors, connected devices and smart meters being used in smart cities for various purposes emphasize the need for high speed and reliable communication.
In today’s world, fiberisation is the key to high speed, uninterrupted and reliable communication. We help the Smart cities create a robust fiber backbone network while ensuring continuous availability by maintaining more than 99% uptime.

To fulfil India’s Smart Cities mission of empowering citizens through ‘smart’ development of entire urban ecosystem, Sterlite Convergence aims to create the city wide optic fiber network via Public private partnership (PPP) which can reduce the capex and opex burden of the respective smart city and also ensure long term ownership of the network from a skilled and competent network provider… A classic case of this concept is demonstrated in development of the best in class fiber network deployment in PPP mode by Sterlite Convergence in Gurugram. We are deploying a fiber network with long term ownership, Operations and maintenance responsibility, to ensure higher uptime and enhanced network connectivity.

Apart from Power Utility Infrastructure, there are other utilities like Gas (incl City Gas Distribution networks), Water, Smart Cities Infrastructure which can be leveraged to create and provide more reliable and efficient fiber network to the utilities and also to other communication service providers.

Mr. N. K. Panda, CEO, Convergence Business, Sterlite Power

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