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Hikvision India Introduces Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector to boost Transparency

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Hikvision India has introduced an innovative Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector. The Hikvision Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector captures all the steps of Patient Counselling Process as the patient come to Counselling room, shares patient ID to doctor, Consulting Begins, Consulting Ends and Patient leave the Counselling Room. The entire Patient Counselling Process gets recorded in audio video format with all the requisite data and time stamps. This unique solution helps to enhance the transparency and safeguards all the stakeholders.

Commenting on the launch of Hikvision Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, said, “We hope this innovative solution will help to address the myriad challenges and issues in the healthcare sector. It will further help the Hospital Informatization Construction and Medical Staff Management with data and video evidence. The enhanced level of security and transparency will help the healthcare sector to serve the humanity in a better way.”

Existing Challenges

As the core business unit of the hospital, the Counselling room is also a place for doctors to communicate directly with patients. However, the retention of evidence during the diagnosis has become a major requirement in the hospital. Traditional solution like manual recording are always low efficiency and unstable. So more intelligent solution is required to address the challenges of medical dispute resolution and diagnosis study.

Solution Analysis

The solution analysis of Hikvision Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector includes following:

  • Video Recording: Whole procedure video recording which should cover both patient and doctor

  • Audio recording: Conversation detail should be recorded

  • Quick Retrieval: Quickly find out evidence when required

  • Long Period Storage: Years of storage required for archiving

  • System Integration: Evidence can be used by other business system like ERP

Solution Architecture

The solution architecture includes a data center for storage and management. It has the software platform, central storage, evidence NVR and client. The counselling room set up has the MIC, IP Camera, Scanner and PC for recording and operation purpose.

HD Monitoring and Recording

HD monitoring of the doctor and patient with clear sound recording to provide evidence.The solution provides flexible way to trigger recording. It also helps in flexible information input and search functions.

Data Center

The Data Center enables following functions:

HD Monitoring: The staff sitting in the data center can view all the cameras at real time, if some incidents happen they could take action immediately.

Evidence Management: All the recording evidence are managed by the system, admin can edit it manually such as add patient/doctor information, etc.

Central Storage: The video is stored in the Data Center, different devices have different capacity which can fulfil short/medium/long time evidence keeping.

The data center recording has two layer recording storage and back up through NVR and Hybrid SAN.

The Data Center Management includes, Evidence Management, Quick search and report functions.

  • Evidence Management: Admin can edit the evidence to put more information such as patient name, age, etc.

  • Evidence Back Tracking: If doctor forgot to start recording, admin could search out the video and manually input the information.

  • Detail audit trail log: All the operation and configuration done by doctor/admin, detail logs are recorded in system.

Quick Search and Report

  • Quick Search: Admin can quickly locating the evidence by searching different information like doctor name/time/patient ID.

  • One Click Download: One click to download the video clips for further application

  • Statistics and Report: The number of diagnostic, average time, daily comparison, doctors comparison reports.

Solution Advantages

The Hikvision Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector provides following advantages.

  • Evidence Management: Audio-video recording of diagnosis with detail information helps hospital to keep the complete evidence, which could be used or be useful in the future.

  • Business Integration: The archiving of the diagnosis process provides data integration possibility with other system.

  • Optimize Working Procedure: The System helps to improve the efficiency of doctors as well as admin department

  • Improve Hospital Intelligence: Improve the informationization level of the hospital and make system more intelligent.

The Hikvision Counselling Room Evidence Management Solution for Healthcare Sector boosts transparency in operations and helps to enhance security for all the stakeholders.

About Hikvision India

Hikvision India is the leading video security solution provider. In addition to the security industry, the company extends its reach to Smart Home Products and Solutions, Industrial Automation, and Robotics to achieve its expansion plan. The endeavour is to provide superior pre- sales and post-sales service through collaboration with local distributors and its allied partners.

Driven by the ‘Make– in-India’ vision, the company manufactures a wide range of video surveillance products at its state- of-the- art manufacturing facility near Mumbai. Building on innovation and research and development initiatives, Hikvision India is committed to provide best quality products with agile technical support through its Pan India branches and employees.

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