Chugoku Bank secures new mobile app with Kaspersky software development kit


To safeguard the security of data and transactions across its new Chugin mobile banking app aimed at private customers, Chugoku Bank, Ltd. has adopted Kaspersky Mobile Security software development kit (SDK). With the financial sector demanding highly secure applications and systems to protect company and customer data, the Kaspersky solution not only provides this peace of mind but rich functionality and usability.

The prevalence of mobile banking apps has risen over the past 18 months due to the pandemic, with many more customers turning to apps to make payments, check their balance and transfer funds as physical buildings closed and restrictions on movement were imposed. However, as user numbers have risen, so too have the tactics of cybercriminals looking to exploit customers and banks, with fake apps, Trojans and malware attacks all increasing.

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK is a software development kit that allows for easy implementation of security functionality in mobile apps. While the SDK is used globally, it is the first time it has been adopted within the Japanese market. Chugoku Bank selected the Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK primarily because of the varied security functionality on offer, including measures to safeguard against phishing and fake apps and features for malware detection and data protection. The Bank also cited the high cost-performance offered through licensing, which was a key requirement in the tender process.

Thanks to close collaboration between the app developers and Kaspersky’s system engineers, the adoption of the service was smooth and without delays. The whole process – from defining requirements, through to development and release of the app – only took six months.

The Chugin app currently allows users to view their balance and account details, make payments and transfer funds, among other features. Within a month of offering the service on July 7, 2021, user numbers had exceeded 20,000. Moving forward, Chugoku Bank is planning to further expand the functionality of the app to offer more enhanced services.

“Our bank is the first to use this SDK in Japan, but despite being the first adopter in the region we felt totally at ease. Kaspersky has proven expertise in dealing with current and evolving security threats, and plenty of experience working at a global level meaning we were able to adopt the solution without any concerns,” comments Osamu Takada, Assistant Manager, Channel Strategy Group, Business Promotion Department, Chugoku Bank.

Ai Ueda, Channel Strategy Group, Business Promotion Department, Chugoku Bank added, “In comparing a number of SDKs and their ability to cover threats that such a mobile app would face, we selected Kaspersky as it demonstrated the most security countermeasures.”

“With mobile threats showing no signs of slowing, it’s vital that the banking sector takes the right steps to continue to protect itself and its customers. As the first in the region to adopt our SDK, we can support Chugoku Bank with robust safeguarding measures as it continues to innovate and offer enhanced services to customers,” comments Tsuyoshi Fujioka, General Manager, Japan, Kaspersky.

To find out more about Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK and other technologies available for integration with third party products and services, please visit the web site.

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