“ BLACKbox is a single hardware single endpoint solution for multiple functions of Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft Prevention”

Blackbox- Bishwajit-Sutradhar

Loss of this data means loss of Business Continuity. Leakage or theft of this data means competitive vulnerability for the enterprise or huge liability on violation of NDA. BLACKbox empowers your enterprise to achieve the objectives of Data Loss Prevention and Data Theft Prevention from your servers, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. In an interaction with SmartStateIndia, Mr. Bishwajit Sutradhar, VP – Channel Sales about the channel promotions activities and longer term goals of BLACKbox in India.

What are the core competencies of BLACKbox ?
Traditionally it requires multiple hardware and endpoint agents to centralize data, enforce domain policies, connect over VPN network, recover from data loss by deletion/ransomware attack, push data backup on the cloud, control USB drives, enforce email sending policies, exercise Internet usage controls on Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones. BLACKbox is a single hardware single endpoint solution for multiple functions of Data Loss, Leakage, and Theft Prevention. So, BLACKbox is a simple and affordable solution for Small and Medium Enterprises who cannot afford and manage multiple hardware and software system to protect their data from loss or theft. Multiple services on single hardware and multiple functions on single endpoint are the core competencies of BLACKbox.

Could you describe the channel roadmap of BLACKbox?
We have triggers our Channel Activation to Recruit vertical Focused Partner City Focused & offering Set of new Product line to address the customer, a partner can join us various model of partnership based on his strength.

What about training and hand holding of the partners for the technical and sales point of view?
We have initiated the BLACKbox product orientation through city based solution SI. And upgrading their skill with hand holding from lead to closure, which is giving more confidence to the SI to take BLACKbox to their target customers where we can fix his data loss issue by giving BLACKbox..On the next step we shall upgrade all SI with certification through training.

What are the key differentiators for BLACKbox in India when compared with other vendors operating in the similar market scenario?

Following are the differentiators when compared to other vendors operating in the similar market scenario. Autocratic Data Centralization compared to Democratic Data Centralization: BLACKbox forces the centralization of data and does not leave any choice to the users to scatter the data over multiple devices. Traditionally available storage solutions cannot force users to save data on central storage itself and leads to data scattered-ness. This is one of the many key differentiators of BLACKbox.

Active Recycle Bin Service: Traditionally when data is deleted from the network it is difficult to recover it instantly in the same version as it was deleted. BLACKbox runs active recycle bin over the network and identify who deleted the data in case it was intentional deletion of data.

This is one of the many key differentiators of BLACKbox.
Vault and Workspace Technology: Traditional solutions provide prevention based protection against virus and ransomware. They lack concrete solution to confidently recover data after ransomware attack. BLACKbox has vault and workspace technology which helps enterprises recover data after ransomware attack and maintain business continuity.

USB Usage Reporting: Traditionally you can either block or allow USB ports. BLACKbox gives many flexible settings in which you can block USB but allow it for keyboard, mouse, digital signature, license dongles etc. It also can restrict outward movement of data on USB as well as can report outward movement of data to authorized user.

Email Vigilance and Shadowing Layer: Traditionally it is difficult to vigil and shadow emails for data theft prevention over emails. BLACKbox provides extensive options to control and vigil email transactions with effective policies.

Internet Happy Hours: Traditionally you can block or allow websites which can be accessed by the users. It has serious data leakage implications. BLACKbox has unique data isolation technology which isolates data as during the Internet session of the user Screen Capture for Fraud Investigation: BLACKbox can capture screens of user’s computer activity and keep it for playback in future. This is a very useful differentiating feature to investigate any fraud or productivity issue.

Dual Profiling: Traditionally data is vulnerable to leakage on BYOD model. BLACKbox offers dual profiling technology to create secured, protected and monitored enterprise zone on BYOD model.

What are some of the longer term goals for BLACKbox in India?

As first step we are giving a ready platform to Solution partner to position the BLACKbox to their customers and we will hand hold all individual SI till the deal closure..on the next step we shall upgrade them by giving upgrade version of product which can be positioned as an optional additional service to their customer for next 4 qtr our Road map is to strengthen the partner skill set and to create a BLACK box certified team and empower them for next level growth.

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