We give businesses a unified interface, so they quickly scale up and experiment on any channel.


Cloud telephony witnessed a boom during this current wave of the pandemic. The healthcare infrastructure with the help of cloud telephony was able to provide maximum support to doctors and patients. Call centres and helpline numbers were immediately set up to handle people’s query and connect them with right representatives.

Ozonetel, India’s leading provider of on-demand cloud telephony solutions saw a 100% surge in their business performance during these challenging times. During the first lockdown, Ozonetel efficiently switched call centres to immediate WFH setup and launched mobile solutions for call center employees.

Our Editor-in – Chief, Jayanta Ghosh interacted with Mr. Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer at Ozonetel about increased adoption of cloud telephony and benefits of setting up cloud contact centres in today’s scenario.

Q. How Ozonetel’s advanced AI enablement will transform the cloud contact center space
Firstly, AI will be used to create faster, smarter, 24 x 7, self-service, and automated customer communication solutions for customers. Secondly. AI will also help contact centers more fully tap into the potential of their call center data.  Thirdly AI-based call center assistants will transform call center training, supervision, and performance.

Q. Kindly share your thoughts on the increased adoption of digital channels and automation within various sectors’ communications?
This year has seen a sharp increase in the need for consistent, highly responsive, and even proactive customer communications. There has been a sharp rise in communication both via voice and digital channels. We have seen that many companies have been required to ass new digital channels such as WhatsApp to their contact center solutions, or update their existing solutions such as by switching to AI-based chatbots over rule-based bots.

Q. How can enterprise benefit from setting up cloud contact centers in today’s scenario?
By setting up a cloud contact center, enterprises can ensure that they provide uninterrupted communications touchpoints for their customers across the customer journey. Contact centers are no more relegated to a single post-sales touchpoint. They are used to automate communication at various touchpoints. For instance, via bot availability and seamless agent routing, and automated outbound calls and chats, they ensure that companies can keep in touch with customers as they browse their websites, use their apps, abandon carts, get onboarded, require renewals, and more. Cloud technology ensures customer continuity through their agile, work-from-anywhere availability, and also ensures that enterprises are always equipped with the very latest in communication technology without requiring constant upgrades and revamps.  

Q. How does Ozonetel provide unified omnichannel contact centre experience?
Ozonetel is built on an API architecture. Thanks to our robust platform and great team, we’ve been quick to ensure that we have integrations with all possible digital channels such as WhatsApp, Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as live chat and SMS texting features. We give businesses a unified interface, so they quickly scale up and experiment on any channel. We do this, firstly, by providing a unified interface for agents. This means that businesses can use the same teams to seamlessly switch between answering calls or chats. Secondly, we give businesses access to build once, deploy anywhere AI. Businesses can use our AI-based bots to answer L1 queries across voice and digital channels.
In order to be truly omnichannel, enterprises need to ensure that customers are recognised and given personalised service, no matter which channel they contact you on. We ensure this with our seamless CRM integrations. For businesses that do not have their own CRM we even provide a contact manager, to ensure they can recognise their customer across channels.
Q. What are some of the trends you foresee in the cloud telephony space?
One of the key trends on the cloud telephony space is a movement towards omnichannel integration
especially since communication isn’t restricted to a single channel anymore. Today’s customer is used to
messaging while they talk and vice versa and they expect their communications with businesses to be
the same. Cloud telephony is swiftly moving to meet these demands. For instance, integrations with
video, SMS, messaging channels such as WhatsApp as well as social media are all part of the move to a
more holistic communication solution.
Also important is the rise of chatbots and voice bots to serve these multiple channels. First-level support
will move to AI-based bots and self-service in both phone and digital channels.

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