“Arrow PC has helped in providing its customers with innovative security solutions”


Arrow PC Network is the hybrid SI & solution provider and Dell Titanium Partner. Arrow provides services/solutions in key technology areas such as System Integration, Data Centers, Backup, Storage, Cloud Computing, Data Security, Software, Mobility, Virtualization, Wireless, Power Solutions and Networking. In an interaction with SmartStateIndia, Mr. Gurpreet Singh, MD, Arrow PC Network (Dell Technologies – Titanium Partner) discussed about the modernization of the Data Centres and Arrow PC’s innovative solution.

This is the beginning of a new decade and in this new decade on what product/solution from Dell Technologies is Arrow PC focusing on?
2021 is a new decade bringing in new dimensions to the IT sector. We are proud to say that Arrow PC, a Titanium Partner with Dell Technologies is part of the new change the world is being ushered into and one product that Arrow PC is focusing on is Dell EMC PowerStore. Today enterprises are no longer enterprises interested in the ‘monolithic high-end arrays’ considering the advantage of easier deployment and usage that comes along with midrange storage. High-end features like data services and simplified management are being migrated to midrange devices by organizations. The advantage of having a midrange system is that they are build-as-you-go storage systems enabling the addition of disks, controllers and software, as required. It is this flexibility provided by one of Dell’s midrange products Dell EMC PowerStore that has intrigued the enterprises. The groundbreaking PowerStore family eliminates traditional tradeoffs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes both traditional and modern workloads.

How is Arrow PC helping enterprises adapt to the new normal and that is – Hybrid Work Model?
The biggest change in the work model that arose after the pandemic breakout was remote working, but as the pandemic reduced a new work model emerged, something which existed prior to the pandemic but was not utilized by many organizations and that was Hybrid Work Model. Now hybrid workplace is the new normal, and Arrow PC through Aruba ESP is powering the new normal. Aruba ESP is enabling users to move seamlessly, securely and safely between home and office. I contest that Aruba ESP is ideal as it is a cloud-native and AI-driven platform specifically designed to address challenges and serve as the foundation for enabling the hybrid workplace.

How is Arrow PC helping in the modernization of the Data Centres?
Hyperconverged Infrastructure known as HCI is the choice for companies that want to stay competitive and ensure their data centers are cloud-ready. With traditional infrastructure taking a step back, HCI is making inroads by replacing the legacy infrastructure. HCI is also an ideal solution for modernizing of Data Center. With HCI, one will decrease data center complexity and increase scalability. Traditional three-tier architecture is expensive to build, complex to operate and difficult to scale and adopting HCI will help in not losing control, increasing costs or compromising security. HCI use cases will continue expanding as companies set a course to the software-defined data center, private and hybrid clouds, and the edge. With VMware’s HCI, Arrow PC is helping DCs and organizations to modernize their infrastructure.

What are the concepts or sectors that have come into focus after Covid-19?
Digital transformation: COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst towards a digital age, which is not just a solution during the pandemic times but also for the future and the pandemic only gave us an urgent push towards achieving it. . Integrating the workforce consisting of digital natives and the traditional technological generation will certainly give an edge to an organization. To be on par with the millennial work-environment expectation, business continuity layered with security will be the topmost priority for enterprises. For example, Arrow PC has helped in implementing HCI (Dell VxRail) for GLA University improving their data center scalability and flexibility with faster resource provisioning, thus helping the university function with little or no setbacks.

Business continuity: We have successfully leveraged our partnership with various organizations in ensuring business continuity during the pandemic era. We see exacerbated use of hybrid cloud and hyper-converged platforms as people have realized the importance of cloud-based communication-enabled business processing. Arrow PC has helped in providing its customers with innovative security solutions.

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing: There will be continuous growth in the demand for cloud/AI along with expenditure on specialized software, communications equipment and telecom services. Players have adopted various growth strategies, such as partnerships and new service launches, to expand their presence further in the impact of COVID-19 and broaden their customer base. Enterprises despite the lack of on-site IT personnel were able to leverage cloud capabilities to check, maintain, and monitor their server and storage installations in data centers, aiding the uninterrupted function of their workforce and thus helping themselves in terms of business continuity.

The tech world is evolving as it enters a new decade, what about Arrow PC?
Established in 2003, Arrow PC has been recognized as a leading IT Services Integrator delivering world-class IT infrastructure services to customers PAN India. Our approach to solving IT challenges is to combine our domain expertise with the technology building blocks to deliver customized, high-quality, ROI and TCO driven IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services. Arrow PC’s motto ‘growing with value’ speaks about the company’s commitment towards the development in this field, but with transformations across in the new decade, we are also ‘evolving’ by being smart and agile, with freedom and imagination, communication and interaction, startup mindset and a healthy workplace and lifestyle.

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