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75F Revolutionizing IoT Building Management Systems in India: A Conversation with Syed Hidayath Ali, 75F’s APAC Director

75F Syed Hidayath ali

SmartStateIndia had the opportunity to have an interaction with Mr. Syed Hidayath Ali, APAC Director – BD & Channels at 75F, where he discussed the Indian market for IoT solutions for smart buildings and how 75F is addressing this industry. 75F is a globally recognized leader in IoT-advanced building management systems, and Mr. Ali shared his valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving sector. During the interview he also talked about the role that IoT technology plays in creating sustainable and efficient buildings, highlighting 75F’s leadership in this exciting field.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

How do you see the Indian market for IoT solutions for smart buildings evolving in the next few years, and what role do you see 75F playing in this evolution?

The Smart Building market has significantly outpaced industry projections and expectations in the last few years. The Indian building automation and control system market which was valued at more than USD 1.98 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of more than 11% expected between 2023 and 2028, is now witnessing companies actively adopting IoT solutions into their buildings to improve connection, optimise facility usage, and save energy. Because of the low pricing of IoT-based components and the availability of superior integrated software solutions, the market dynamics of smart buildings will alter in the near future as IoT adoption in building management continues to accelerate. To realise the full potential of IoT, adaptable and cost-effective cloud-based apps that integrate green and smart data into a decision-making platform for smart buildings will become the need of the hour. This will further enhance operational and energy efficiency, boost creativity, make remote services easier to design, and generate new and important information for end users.

Our Building Intelligence System integrates IoT and smart cloud algorithms to not only enhance energy efficiency but also proactively control the HVAC, IAQ, and lighting systems in a commercial building based on sensor data, weather data, occupant preferences, and prediction algorithms. In general, 75F’s innovative system saves up to 50% on energy, improves occupant comfort and productivity, improves indoor air quality, controls automation, performs predictive maintenance, prolongs equipment lifecycles, has remote management capabilities, and reduces installation time by upto 80%.

Can you brief us about the importance of third-party integrations in creating smart building technologies?

Building automation systems perform many functions in large smart buildings including HVAC control, lighting control, fire control, and physical security such as badge access systems and video surveillance. Elevator and parking garage controls are also included. Supporting these systems involves a cast of engineers, systems integrators, and repair technicians, often logging in remotely to diagnose and make adjustments through software. Having an open network protocol and API makes it easier and more flexible to work with multiple systems and data processing technologies.

How does 75F support LEED, WELL, and RESET certification, amongst other things, for a more sustainable and greener environment?

Green building has emerged as a popular topic around the world, whether as a result of concerns about the role of construction in global warming or in response to concerns about protecting people from pollution generated both outdoors and indoors. New building certifications such as WELL and RESET are gaining popularity due to their emphasis on occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality, which are largely under-emphasized by traditional building certifications such as LEED, which focuses on the physical building and its services rather than the health of the building’s occupants.

75F brings industry-leading energy efficiency to building portfolios through a full-stack solution of hardware and software, assisting customers in meeting their carbon and ESG goals, improving sustainability ratings, and delivering long-term value to owners, shareholders, and tenants in buildings of all sizes. We’re delighted that our solution can contribute up to 38 different LEED V4.0 points, giving you even more opportunities to show off your hard work to the public.

Can you share some examples of Indian companies that have successfully implemented 75F’s smart building solutions, and how these solutions have benefited them?

In India, our solutions have installed in more than 140 facilities ranging from coworking companies to hospitality to healthcare verticals. Here are some of the impact stories: 75F’s IoT-powered BMS solution is deployed across two Adobe sites in Noida and one in Bengaluru. One of the Adobe sites situated in Noida sector 132 is a LEED Gold Certified Building with the highest operational standards. As the occupancy level has reached the pre-covid level, this site has saved 23% of energy in HVAC operations. At the same time, we maintained the comfort parameters more than 90% of the time. WeWork, Manyata covers a total of 167,000 sq.ft and has recorded savings of 46% in HVAC energy consumption over a period of just three months post-installation. 75F is currently deployed at three WeWork sites in India and is discussing a collaboration across 34 sites in India. MBRDI , Bangalore saves up to 38% on HVAC Energy & 27% on Lighting energy. The customer has improved the occupant experience and drastically enhanced operational efficiencies with 75F.

How does 75F work with its partners and other stakeholders in India to promote and advance the adoption of smart building management solutions?

We have an extensive partner network across PAN India who support us in reaching out to the right customer and delivering our solutions at the right price point. Other key stakeholders including Architects, builders, consultants, and contractors play an important role in the customer’s decision-making process. We make sure that these fraternities have access to our solutions for demonstration and testing at the time so that they can be well versed in our offerings.

What kind of growth trajectory is 75F experiencing in India, and how is the company investing in R&D and planning to accelerate this growth in the coming years?

In the coming years, we want to increase our operations and impact in India and the Middle East, as well as continue to expand in Southeast Asian countries. To better equip our partners with in-depth industry knowledge, special recognition, and new opportunities, we recently developed a partner program ‘Partner’s Club’ to support our partner channels. We also intend to expand our collaborations with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to provide 360-degree market presence.

How does 75F ensure that its products remain up to date with changing technologies and trends in the smart building management segment?

Our Engineering and product teams work on the latest technologies and keep a close eye on them. More than that, they also constantly get much-needed feedback from sales and field teams on the requirements of prospects and customers, making it an inclusive decision to add a new feature or develop a new product.

Finally, can you tell us about the exciting new technologies and solutions coming from 75F in the near future?

Last week at ACREX 2023, which was held in Mumbai, we launched nine new products and features. True CFM, Chiller plant manager, Occupancy and Temperature Node, HyperStat were among the other products we launched.

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