Apacer developed DBS:CE and CoreSnapshot technologies with smart city operators in mind


Apacer is a leading global digital storage brand with comprehensive R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities. With years of accumulated patented digital storage technology and deep successful R&D experience, Apacer provides a competitive range of customized products and services. Our product lines are diversified, covering solutions for memory modules, industrial SSDs, consumer digital storage products and Internet of Things integrated applications.

Our Editor in Chief interacted with Jeff Lee, Project Deputy Manager, Asia Pacific Region Vertical MKT Sales Dept., Apacer Technology Inc. about Apacer’s latest technology advancements and its innovative DBS:CE and CoreSnapshot technologies.

Talking about Apacer’s new product range Jeff elaborates “we have a number of new products that have been introduced this year. There’s the SV25C cloud series SSD’s, which are optimized for use in online processing environments. They’ve been carefully tweaked to ensure excellent compatibility with our Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition remote device management system. There’s also the SV24D/M23D defense series SSD’s. These have withstood eight high-level military tests to ensure that they maintain normal operation under harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures, humidity changes, and powerful vibration and impacts. And we’ve also expanded our line of anit-sulfuration SSD’s, which have passed the industry’s highest level ANSI/ISA 71.04 G3 air corrosion certification test as certified by the American National Standards Institute/ International Society of Automation. Applications such as 5G, AIoT high-speed networking and edge computing will all benefit greatly from this protection against sulfuration and other negative effects that may arise in harsh environments. It’s the value-adding features that really set Apacer’s new SSDs apart from the competition”

We’re also happy to announce our industrial DDR5 memory modules. Apacer currently offers one of the widest DDR5 product lines available, and we’ll be expanding with new developments in this area in future. Apacer’s DDR5 memory modules will deliver improvements in performance, capacity, power consumption and reliability.

How Apacer solution helps smart city solutions.

Smart city operators are realizing the advantages of remote device management. A smart city will be full of IoT edge devices placed in a variety of locations, meaning that remote device management will make controlling them far easier. Apacer developed DBS:CE and CoreSnapshot technologies with smart city operators in mind.

Double- barreled Solution Cloud Edition (DBS:CE) is a cloud-based SSD remote management solution. It helps system administrators swap out SSDs before they reach the end of their operational lifetime. This means greater data integrity and minimizes downtime. Also, DBS:CE can receive commands and update settings via standard smartphones or computer browsers, reducing manpower and maintenance costs.

CoreSnapshot is a technology that allows for the backup and later recovery of the data and OS on an SSD. This can also be performed remotely or even via an OOB connection, which also means reductions in manpower costs. There’s no longer a need to send a technician to a remote location to reboot a crashed machine – CoreSnapshot solves that problem remotely via a wi-fi connection. And the best thing is that the CoreSnapshot recovery process can be completed in just one second, meaning devices will be back up and running quickly.  

Elaborate about your smart IOT solutions.

Together, DBS:CE and CoreSnapshot are extremely powerful. Every SSD connected to the network can be monitored, and for large systems, there are sort and filter functions that make finding a particular drive much easier. The large amount of data that the system gathers can highlight previously unsuspected problems, such as unexpected power cycling or spikes in temperature. And with CoreSnapshot, a blue screen of death can be resolved quickly and simply, preventing damage to a brand’s reputation. So DBS:CE and CoreSnapshot together really deliver a lot of value – they might even help you solve problems you didn’t know you had.

Tell us about Apacer’s world’s first patented anti-sulfuration DRAM modules and anti-sulfuration SSDs.

Unlike the relatively stable application environment of standard computers, industrial computers often need to operate in high-temperature or highly polluted environments. In the face of environmental and air pollution caused by industrial and local emissions, electronic components exposed to high temperature, high humidity and highly polluted environments for a long time are prone to corrosion or even creep corrosion sulfuration, which leads to shortened lifespans and unexpected failures.

And as edge devices make their way to every corner of the world, sulfur-contaminated environments are cropping up in unexpected places, so manufacturers are adopting anti-sulfuration technology at a greater rate.

Apacer’s experience in this field is now very robust. We developed the world’s first patented anti-sulfuration DRAM modules. These have passed the ASTM B809-95 anti-sulfuration test, allowing them to operate steadily even in harsh sulfur-containing environments. What’s more, Apacer’s anti-sulfuration SSDs recently passed ANSI/ISA 71.04 G3 Certification and reached the industry’s highest level of sulfur resistance, including resistance to silver corrosion, copper corrosion and creep. So we’re very confident in what our products can do in this area.

 Scope in India: 

We are following India’s development with great interest. India is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. We believe there are significant growth opportunities in India in the following fields: aerospace/defense, healthcare, environmental technology, safety/security, communications, education and smart factories.

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