Zvolv unveils ‘Z-wall’ generative-AI orchestration engine along with the launch of version 3.0 of its LCNC Hyperautomation Microservices Platform

Zvolv, a global hyperautomation company with operations in India, US, MEA and ANZ, today introduced ‘Z-wall’, its advanced generative-AI orchestration engine, alongside the release of its LCNC Hyperautomation Microservices Platform version 3.0. Z-wall expands Zvolv’s already extensive enterprise automation capabilities by integrating the power of generative AI into the creation of next-generation AI apps. With Z-wall, AI apps transcend traditional web and mobile applications, offering increased intelligence, significant efficiency gains, and accelerated time-to-value through Zvolv’s low-code/no-code and AI-assist builder capabilities. Businesses can now rapidly deploy cutting-edge AI and automation features in their products and services, leveraging generative AI securely and at scale.

The rising popularity of generative AI presents a pivotal moment for driving productivity across various business functions. The hyperautomation market, enabling enterprise AI, is projected to reach $50 billion by 2025. Zvolv’s revenue from its LCNC microservices offering is growing rapidly, with a 4x year-on-year increase attributed to increased hyperautomation investment across industries. The introduction of Z-wall’s generative AI capabilities is expected to contribute over $25M in revenue by 2025. Zvolv currently serves over 50 global enterprise clients, including Fortune 100 companies and industry leaders such as Tata Group, JSW Group, Aditya Birla Group, Adani Group, Lenskart, and V-mart.

“The era of web and mobile apps is evolving into the era of AI apps. Future AI apps will shift from point-and-click DIY capabilities to conversational GID (Get it Done) capabilities. By combining generic and fine-tuned intelligence in foundation models, AI apps will be inherently smarter, more efficient, and offer human-like conversational and reasoning capabilities” said Hardik Gandhi, CEO of Zvolv.

Enterprises are increasingly embracing generative AI to drive productivity, enhance data-driven decision-making, and improve customer and employee experiences. However, concerns related to privacy and scalability often impede the full adoption of AI in applications.

Z-wall addresses these concerns by placing privacy, security, and ethics at the forefront of enterprise AI transformation. By integrating generative AI into the Zvolv microservices

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