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What’s new in Linux Mint 20.3 “Una”

Linux has been a popular operating system (OS) for a while now, and it’s been getting more and more popular in recent years. One of the main reasons for Linux’s popularity is its diverse range of operating systems, each having its own unique set of features and flavors.
Linux Mint is one such OS, which has been the most popular Linux-based desktop distribution since 2012. It is popular amongst both home users and in companies, as it is an easy-to-use modern operating system that offers powerful performance and a wide range of natively supported features. It’s based on Ubuntu LTS releases and shares many similarities with Ubuntu, but also has a few differences that make it worth checking out if your’e looking for a new OS or just want something different from your current setup.
Let’s look at the latest release of Linux Mint – version 20.3 – to see what it brings to the table. The latest version of Linux Mint that was codenamed “Una” is now available for download on the official website.
The “Una” release comes with a new Mint-Y theme that has a large title bar and much bigger control for the window. In addition to this, the Mint-Y theme now sports rounded corners for the window by default. But if users still want to have the old theme in place, they can have it by mint-themes-legacy package, which needs to be installed. In this newer version dark themes have been introduced natively for media apps such as Celluloid, Hypnotix, and the stock image viewer. In the features category, users can find a new calendar applet that now can show entries from multiple sources. This includes entries from Google Calendar. Earlier versions of Nemo offered three options: to ‘skip’ the move or copy or to ‘overwrite’ the pre-existing file with the new one. Now, in Linux Mint 20.3, Nemo lets you change the name of the file and avoid any name collisions that can happen. The app/command run dialog has an all-new look. Linux Mint 20.3 comes with a new document manager called ‘Thingy’. This new app provides quick and intuitive ways to access your favorite or recent document. The new Linux Mint version comes with support for NVIDIA Optimus in dot desktop files. The benefit for NVIDIA Optimus is that it helps computers to intelligently switch
between onboard and Nvidia graphics hardware on the fly for better performance.
The new Mint is supported till 2025. In case you want to download the new release, you may find the link in the official Linux Mint Mirrors. Or, Click here.

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