Tenable Expands Tenable.cs to Deliver Cloud-Native Application Security Platform

Kartik Shahani

 Tenable, the Cyber Exposure company, announced new capabilities for Tenable.cs, its cloud-native application security platform. Tenable.cs delivers full lifecycle cloud-native security to address cyber risks from build to runtime. With the new features, organizations can secure cloud resources, container images and cloud assets to provide end-to-end security from code to cloud to workload.

Tenable.cs enables organizations to programmatically detect and fix cloud infrastructure misconfigurations in the design, build and runtime phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to prevent unresolved insecure configuration or exploitable vulnerabilities from reaching productionTenable.cs secures infrastructure as code (IaC) before deployment, maintains a secure posture in runtime, and controls drift by synchronizing configuration between runtime and IaC. The IaC remains the single source of truth, eliminating the need for complex and manual processes. The solution also includes Frictionless Assessment and Nessus® Vulnerability Assessment for cloud workloads as well as Container Security to assess cloud hosts and container images for vulnerabilities without the need to manage scan schedules, credentials or agents.

“Shift-left is the future of cloud security,” said Nico Popp, chief product officer, Tenable. “It is about finding and remediating security risk across configuration, access and software vulnerabilities before the exposure finds its way into production. Tenable.cs embraces the GitOps philosophy by tightly integrating with developer tools and workflows.”

Tenable.cs is fully integrated into Tenable.ep™, the company’s comprehensive Cyber Exposure platform. With this addition, Tenable delivers an integrated, end-to-end security solution and a complete picture of cyber risks across the modern attack surface with unified visibility into code, configurations, assets and workloads. Organizations can determine the cyber risk of their cloud resources alongside other assets, such as IT assets, web apps and containers. Tenable.ep helps organizations understand cyber risk in the broader context of their business, with holistic visibility and reporting, unified workflow and advanced analytics to help users assess and prioritize what matters most to their organization. 

“Cloud environments are far more complex to secure now than they were a few years ago. Cloud apps, for example, are fertile entry points for attackers,” said Kartik Shahani, Country Manager, Tenable India. “Although all modern cloud apps are being built with resiliency in mind, they can also suffer from various different types of weaknesses, insecurities, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. These risks can allow attackers to gain access to the cloud network and provide reach to critical business databases. The only way to achieve true cyber resilience is for cloud-native infrastructure to heal itself by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle. With Tenable.cs, our customers in India and globally can detect vulnerabilities and cloud misconfigurations proactively rather than reactively.”

Tenable.cs data is also fully integrated into®, providing unified views of assets and vulnerabilities. Organizations can tap key capabilities, such as analyzing cloud exposures alongside their other assets, advanced search and filtering with meta tagging, streamlined reporting, comprehensive role-based access controls, and a single sign-on for easy access.

Tenable.cs is available as a standalone solution, as part of and as part of Tenable.ep.

For more information about Tenable.cs, visit or join us on Wednesday, March 2nd at 2p.m. EST for a webinar Introducing Tenable.cs: Secure Every Step From Code to Cloud. Register here

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