Quest Global helping companies transition to a digital world with new-age product engineering services

Redefining product engineering with multi-dimensional approach, Quest Global is solving the most important and large-scale challenges across the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Rail and Semiconductor industries. SmartStateIndia had the opportunity to interact with Piyush Jain, Vice President and Global Delivery Head – Software and Digital Services, QuEST Global, who shared insights on how the company is helping organizations across industries to design and develop new-age products by adopting digital technologies.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

How is Quest Global helping its customers design and develop new-age products and bridging the gap between the industrial and digital world?

Quest Global’s 25 years of experience in the Engineering and R&D industry enables us to understand the requirements of our consumers and support them in both designing and developing new products and also in re-engineering, localizing, and repurposing existing products for extended life and new market presence. However, we have a focused approach for our customers in each industry segment, which makes us stand apart from our competitors. To explain, elaborating a few:

  1. We are helping a leading automotive semiconductor company design a software-defined architecture that will redefine the vehicle for the future.
  2. For an industrial automation company, we are using AI-based models to redesign and standardize the HMI interface for all their old and new products.
  3. For one of the leading hi-tech majors, we are helping them in validating their next-generation wearable devices, which will change the way we communicate socially.
  4. We are developing a digital platform for a healthcare major, which will become central to their digital health solution for hospitals and healthcare providers.
  5. For industrial majors, we are engaged in hardware revitalization of their existing range of products to make them more energy and cost-efficient and have an extended product life.
How can organizations establish an effective delivery process? Moreover, what delivery methodologies should be used to deliver a seamless experience for the customer?

An effective delivery process is essential to efficient product development and release management. The delivery process should be able to meet key success criteria such as time to market, agile development supported by cost and process efficiencies, and DevOps-backed automated release management. An agile methodology is key to delivering a seamless experience for customers and timely adoption with adequate execution support is critical for success.

The growth plans and how constant re-skilling and up-skilling of the current workforce and new additions to them play a key role in this journey.

Re-skilling and up-skilling have become an integral part of the engineering process. With the advent and proliferation of advanced digital tools and technologies, product engineering is undergoing a major transformation. This requires today’s modern workforce to be equipped with both knowledge experience and skill expertise to work with the new digital tools in designing and developing products and solutions. To remain relevant in the industry and remain ahead of the curve, engineers are required not only to upgrade their skills with adjacent newer technologies but also in relevant cases unlearn and re-learn new skills to meet new-age digital requirements.

Some of the upcoming trends in the ER&D space and expectations for 2023.

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital technologies across industries, and we believe digitalization will continue to be a significant trend in the ER&D space in 2023. Cloudification of applications and systems, platformization of services, XaaS, Data engineering and AI, user experience enhancement through AR/MR/VR, and cybersecurity are some of the technology trends that will continue to hold strong in 2023. In parallel, we will also see a focus on re-engineering and localization of products across regions for extended life and cost and performance benefits.

There are conversations about a possible recession in the global market. It’s impact on Quest Global’s operations if any. Plans to tackle such a situation.

What we are noticing in the short-term is re-prioritization and course correction by our customers but not much pullback on their budget spends. However, at a broader level, we are not seeing any major shift in their plans toward outsourcing and working with pure-play engineering services partners like Quest Global.

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