NovelVox enables brands to deliver a better customer experience with AI-based conversational platforms

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You would have certainly interacted with chatbots online either at a bank’s customer support or a brand’s inquiry page. This is an initial automated step that channelizes a customer to an appropriate help-desk person at the contact centre. Companies are taking this automation a notch up by leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver the utmost customer experience. Enabling the companies with such advanced automation at the contact centres is NovelVox, which is offering fully customizable and integrated solutions to modernize the customer service operations for top brands globally.

In an exclusive interview with SmartStateIndia, Mr. Amit Gandhi, Founder and CEO of NovelVox, discussed the company’s growth plans, application of emerging tech in chatbots, and the contact centre industry landscape. Here’s an excerpt from the interaction:

Tell us about your inception story of NovelVox?

Founded in 2008, NovelVox started with a vision to come up with innovative solutions in the contact centre industry, or call centres as they are commonly called. The industry was booming and moving slowly towards digitization. It had its own challenges and requirements. They had various departments that handled phone calls, emails, live chats, SMS texts, and support tickets for companies. India was outsourcing a lot of call centre jobs, and the industry needed customized software to cater to individual needs. And NovelVox became the answer to all such requirements.

Share your experience of the journey at NovelVox, and what are your key offerings?

NovelVox started as a ‘first’ mover in India, providing customized software to big and small companies in the contact centre industry that wanted to digitize their day-to-day systems. NovelVox Designer Studio was soon set up, enabling the drag and drop model to customize agents’ workspace. In an industry that needs everything to be done at the spur of the moment, this model enables them to save time and thus cater to more customers within the same time frame.

CXInfinity, an omni-channel messaging and conversational AI platform, was introduced to increase customer loyalty and offer seamless customer service with better ROI. NovelVox integrations enabled the executives to know about the history of the callers and be able to deal better with the issues and provide instant solutions.

CXInfinity and InfiBot solutions are the best solutions for the industry in today’s times.

Kindly mention some of the significant challenges the company has faced till now?

When we talk about challenges for any business, different challenges come to the fore at different stages. For instance, the foremost challenge for us was pertaining to integration with the industry’s core systems.

This, however, prompted us to offer out-of-the-box integration solutions that enabled unified communications for contact centres. With open APIs and a seasonal team of developers, integration with 75+ business applications, including core systems, was possible.

Moving customers to the cloud without losing any current integrations or customizations was another challenge that enabled NovelVox integrations to work even on cloud solutions. The successful migration of Cisco Finesse customers to the all-new Cisco Webex Cloud contact centre itself tells our success story. Last but highly crucial was getting the best out of voice and digital channels, and we developed solutions that enabled brands to move beyond essential voice and webchat with video chat, co-browse, and conversational AI.

What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?

NovelVox offers the most extensive integration library offering ready integration with over 75 business applications, including core system integration for banking, healthcare, credit unions, and more. We’ve enabled integrations with the industry’s major 3rd party applications to unify caller information, and we’ve streamlined industry solutions by delivering industry-specific templates and customizations for faster responses and improved customer experience.

Our products are designed to assist businesses in creating automated workflows that automate chores while also empowering agents. We hope to maintain our current momentum in the future.
We have always provided unique solutions to our customers that are way ahead of their times, which help the companies reach maximum potential and achieve targets. Our innovative products are our USP.

The AI-enabled chatbots automate the entire process, allowing the companies to cut down on the manual efforts of the employees. Voicebot- an NLP-based engine that allows the caller to talk in native languages. Imagine the effort it brings down when the same person has to try and communicate in different languages, and we all know it is humanly impossible to do so.

How do you plan to revolutionize the Indian or US market and what are your plans to tap the market?

With a quicker resolution as our motto, we keep introducing new products that help in small and big ways. The Indian and US markets are no different, as the needs of both are similar. More than 75 third-party applications and core systems for a unified view of customer information are being added to our portfolio to help cater to the needs of individual clients in India and the US.

How do you see your company and the industry in the future ahead?

We strive to keep adding more products as new issues keep rising since the contact centre industry is evolving rapidly. With data analytics becoming huge in today’s times, every company would want to do that and gain insight into the shortcomings and strengths of their business. This vast data will need cloud storage and computing, which is what the company is working on right now. Chatbots and Voice-bots will be the future, and we are all moving into that future.

AI/ML/Cloud computing is causing disruptions to today’s innovations in what ways?

AI, ML, and cloud computing are penetrating the contact center industry, including the retail sector and healthcare sectors. Covid made us all realize how much we rely on healthcare and how the system needs to be in place to ensure services to every needy.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence and all our products will disrupt the traditional industries and seep into arenas that were unthinkable just a year or two ago. I have just pointed out how we are already penetrating the healthcare and retail centre. The F&B industry will be next because everybody must benefit from the available innovative solutions.

Hyper-Personalization Within the E-Commerce industry and New AI And ML Innovations With NLG is another innovation creating waves.

With the help of your company’s technology, how does your company help its clients achieve relevant business results?

Our solutions help streamline tasks, provide quick solutions and quicker call resolutions and save time by managing the repetitive- mundane tasks and getting them automated. It saves time, which is equal to money in today’s time. The employees have less pressure to achieve their target and no pressure to spread themselves thin to accomplish the task set out for the day. In the end, a happy and psychologically satisfied employee results in greater efforts to overachieve, which in turn helps the company succeed.

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives and will seep in further; all we need to do is be ready for it.

Could you give us some insight into your business strategy for 2022?

R&D is underway for cloud-based systems and AI-enabled chatbots, which can revolutionize the contact centre industry. With human-like conversations, the aim is to ensure that the end caller is satisfied after the call. Customer retention with AI is our aim for 2022.

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