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NES Health Launches New Worldwide Bioenergetics Practitioner Locator

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NES Health currently has over 5,000 bioenergetics practitioners worldwide. With this new locator, practitioners are easier to locate than ever before.

Rather than a simple locator with a name, number, and operating hours, it includes a complete profile of the NES Bioenergetics Practitioner, along with social media profiles and a website link.

This allows potential clients to get to know their practitioner before joining them on their journey to optimal health.

“This is a game-changer when it comes to practitioner/client relationships,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Klausing. “Clients will be equipped to find a practitioner that fits their personality and matches with their ideal health journey, allowing for a great experience right out of the gate.”

By completely filling out their profile, this locator allows practitioners to continually market themselves to prospective clients without much effort beyond their initial time investment.

As part of their commitment to their bioenergetics practitioners, NES Health will also begin to use digital marketing tactics to drive potential clients to the practitioner locator.

“When a practitioner decides to partner with us, we become partners in business. Our latest effort is just a small example of how we’re working toward increasing their satisfaction. But this is hardly the beginning or the end,” explains Dean Akers, CEO. “We’re continually looking for ways to help people experience the undeniable benefits of bioenergetics and how to make it easier for our practitioners to earn money in these hard times.”

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