IUDX and IIIT-Hyderabad Join Forces to Revolutionise Data Exchange for Smart Cities

The India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX)  Programme, a pioneering initiative dedicated to leveraging data for the betterment of society, is proud to announce a collaboration with the Smart City Research Centre at the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT-H).

IUDX, an initiative aimed at fostering data exchange and promoting the idea of data-driven cities, is driven by a cutting-edge, open-source software platform at its core. This platform is designed to facilitate the secure sharing of non-personal data between data providers (smart city administrations, government departments, municipal bodies) and data consumers (application developers) to create innovative services and unlock substantial value.

The Smart City Research Centre at IIIT-H, supported by the Government of India’s MEITY, the Smart Cities Mission, and the Government of Telangana, has joined forces with IUDX to facilitate the seamless exchange of data.

Real-World Testing and Transformative Achievements

The concepts presented in this collaboration have undergone rigorous real-world testing and have yielded transformative results. A collaborative effort between IIIT-H and IUDX has successfully developed, tested, and transformed the concept of a distributed Resource Server. IUDX adopts a centralised approach for two of its three main components i.e. Catalogue Server (to discover datasets) and Authorization Server (consent management), but allows Resource Server (data access services) to operate in both centralised and distributed manner. This achievement reflects a deep understanding of the practical challenges faced in the field, enabling data providers to create innovative services and unlock significant value.

Introducing the Resource Server Proxy

To meet IUDX standards, an external resource server needs to follow specific rules for accessing resources. It also has to respect the access rules set by the data provider. IUDX has a helpful framework called the ‘Resource Server Proxy’ which makes it easier to connect external data sources to the system. This framework simplifies the way data is shared, making integration much simpler and helps an outside source (which is not originally IUDX compatible) to work smoothly with IUDX.

IIIT-H has helped to develop and extensively test a Resource Server Proxy to facilitate this approach of data sharing.

Future Collaborations and Benefits

The collaboration between IUDX and IIIT-Hyderabad promises to revolutionise data exchange for smart cities, benefiting both organisations and society at large. This partnership aims to drive innovation, foster data-driven cities, and promote secure, controlled data sharing.

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