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GEM Enviro Management and Mamaearth Recycle 7500+ Metric Tons, Achieving Plastic Neutrality

GEM Enviro Management Limited, a forefront Waste Management company dedicated to fostering a sustainable future and supporting brands in adopting eco-friendly practices, proudly announces the successful recycling of 7500+ metric tons of plastic on behalf of Mamaearth, the flagship brand of Honasa Consumer Limited. This joint endeavour has enabled Mamaearth to attain plastic neutrality, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to environmental responsibility.

GEM Enviro’s proactive strategy entails the strategic implementation of cutting-edge recycling solutions nationwide. Under this collaboration, GEM Enviro is spearheading the collection of Rigid, Flexible, and MLP plastic waste nationwide for Honasa Consumer Limited (Mamaearth), directing it to registered Plastic Waste Processing Facilities (PWPFs) for recycling. This progressive initiative aims to redirect gathered plastic away from initial collection points, mitigating the harmful effects on oceans and landfills. The collaboration is dedicated to addressing the plastic waste crisis through inventive solutions, promoting a circular economy mindset.

In addition to these pivotal efforts, GEM Enviro has conducted over 100+ sustainability awareness activities. This holistic approach underscores the commitment to not only efficiently managing plastic waste but also initiating widespread awareness to drive sustainable change. In line with Mamaearth’s Plastic Positive mission, the company has effectively managed to recycle 7500+ metric tons of plastic waste. Mamaearth, recognized as India’s fastest-growing toxin-free personal care brand, has been in collaboration with GEM Enviro since 2018 to drive forward this crucial sustainability initiative.

Offering a spectrum of services, including EPR (Plastic, E-Waste, Battery, Tyre), ESG Consulting (Environment, Social, and Governance), BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting), and Project Advisory and management for Plastic Credits, GEM Enviro is committed to assisting Mamaearth in implementing a comprehensive waste management program, consumer education and awareness and thereby achieving complete plastic circularity. This aligns with the objective of becoming a plastic-neutral organization and fulfilling Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as per the Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 and subsequent amendments.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Sachin Sharma, Founder and Director, GEM Enviro Management Limited said, “Our partnership with Mamaearth marks a transformative step in reshaping our approach to plastic pollution. Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable, plastic-neutral ecosystem by pioneering innovative solutions, redirecting plastic from landfills, and championing a circular economy. This collaboration showcases our dedication to a greener future, where responsible waste management is fundamental to our shared values.

Anuja Mishra, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Honasa Consumer (parent company of Mamaearth) said, “At Mamaearth, our commitment to creating a positive impact has always been guided by environmental consciousness. We employ effective strategies to address waste challenges, and our Plastic Positive initiative in partnership with GEM ENVIRO has enhanced our ability to broaden this impact. This ensures that our dedication to sustainable practices is not only reflected in our products but also in our waste management approach”.

GEM Enviro collaborates with over 200 brands, including multinational and Indian companies like Bisleri International Private Limited, Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd, Jk Lakshmi Cement, Bajaj Consumer Care Limited, Huwai Telecommunication, and government-owned organizations like National Fertilizers Limited (Miniratna Company) and Kribhco Fertilizers Limited, fulfilling their waste management and EPR obligations.

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