Everfocus going to launch 4 Industrial PCs within both Intel and NVIDIA module.


EverFocus  provide a variety of customized smart solutions to help our customers and partners guard their working environment, such as: smart transportation, smart buildings, and smart security.

Products are suitable for multiple vertical markets, such as commercial fleets, shopping malls, campuses and other large-scale fields. We at SmartStateIndia discussed with EverFocus about its’ various innovative smart city solutions and other custom-made solutions based on customer’s needs and the huge scope of vertical market, such as smart city, smart transportation and smart surveillance.

AI Solutions:
By cooperating with third-party software, EverFocus can maximize the AI expandability of its industrial PCs. Being as a trustworthy partner of Intel and NVIDIA, our industrial PCs can apply various AI functions in different environments.

In terms of Intel module, we are able to integrate several front-to-end devices, and thus provide a most suitable solution resolution package (SRP).

In terms of NVIDIA, we are able to apply its powerful AI expandability to our industrial PCs. For example, applying our compact and solid industrial PCs with NVIDIA AGX Xavier module, we can provide AI solution for our customers in a harsh environment.

Elaborate about your Industrial Computers.
Our industrial PCs are based on two modules, individually Intel and NVIDIA. Within Intel module, we can integrate our industrials and our CCTVs with third-party software to provide various custom-made solutions in smart city and smart transportation.

Within NVIDIA module, we are able to develop and expand the powerful AI functions of our industrial PCs, such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), Blind Spot detection (BSD), People Flow Control, Hotspot detection, Face recognition, and falling detection. And these are applicable for different large scale fields, such as smart building, smart community, smart surveillance, and smart vehicle.

Tell us about Everfocus’s Survaillance Solutions for smart cities
As an image analytics expert, with 25 years of professional foundation in smart surveillance, EverFocus is able to integrate our CCTVs and industrial PCs with AI functions to provide total solutions for our customers.
In terms of smart city, EverFocus are capable to provide various custom-made solutions in a huge scope of vertical markets. By cooperating with the third-party software, EverFocus can provide solution ready package (SRP) with high flexibility.

Such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), People Counting, Intrusion Detection, Falling Detection, and Hotspot detection.

Why India is a key market for Everfocus ?
As the smart city and smart transportation in India is Flourishing, the needs for AI solutions is increasing, EverFocus can play as a vital role. EverFocus’s AI solutions can fill up various needs in huge vertical markets, as we provide custom-made solutions. The construction of smart city and smart transportation is tremendously developing; EverFocus is please to collaborate with various system integrators. By cooperating with them, EverFocus can provide more scopes of AI solutions with its industrial PCs and CCTVs.

We believe India has a crucial status in smart city and smart transportation, and EverFocus can provide an Influential contribution within its AI solution expandability.

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