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Barco’s Projection Mapping Tech Illuminating the India’s Experiential Tourism Sector

On World Tourism Day, observed on September 27, 2023, the spotlight turns to India’s burgeoning tourism sector, which is undergoing a transformative journey, aided by innovative technologies. Among the pioneers leading the way in this digital revolution is Barco, a global technology leader known for its networked visualization solutions that span the entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare markets.

The Indian Landscape: Where Light Meets History

India’s tourism landscape is rich and diverse, steeped in culture and history. Recently, light and sound shows have gained significant popularity, especially at historical landmarks like palaces and forts. These immersive experiences have enthralled both local and international tourists.

One such captivating spectacle takes place in Ajmer, a smart city seamlessly blending technology with heritage to create an enchanting show. Set against the historic King Edward Memorial façade, this light and sound show narrates the city’s formation and showcases its diverse values and culture, emphasizing Ajmer’s status as a religious center of worship.

In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Cellular Jail, a historic and immensely popular tourist destination drawing over 1500 daily visitors, has introduced a groundbreaking immersive multimedia projection mapping sound and light show. This revamped experience is a significant upgrade from the conventional show that featured basic lighting effects on the jail’s walls and a traditional sound system.

Similarly, the Sahaj Anand water show, a highlight of the Akshardham complex in Delhi, incorporates Barco’s projection mapping technology. Inaugurated in 2015, this attraction adds an extra layer of wonder to the spiritual and cultural complex.

Barco’s innovation extends to the ‘Statue of Belief,’ or ‘Vishwas Swaroopam,’ in Nathdwara, the tallest statue of Lord Shiva globally, standing at a towering 369 feet on a 16-acre plot. Barco’s mesmerizing sound and light show, held in the evening, offers a divine journey into spirituality by highlighting Shiva’s true essence and its connection with the universe. This awe-inspiring show features 24 Barco UDX (40,000 lumens) laser projectors, illuminating the 369-foot-tall statue in a truly remarkable way.

Barco’s projection mapping technology continues to redefine how we experience historical landmarks and cultural icons, promising an even brighter future for India’s tourism sector.

Projection Mapping: A Catalyst for Tourism Growth

Projection mapping technology is emerging as a catalyst for transforming India’s tourism sector. By showcasing the cultural heritage of cities through projection mapping, India can narrate the stories of its monuments and landmarks in an engaging and visually captivating manner. The government has recognized the potential of 3D technology in promoting tourism, making light and sound shows an integral part of its cultural tourism policy.

Projection mapping, a niche expertise of Barco, opens doors to limitless creative possibilities. It facilitates immersive experiences, turning historical symbols into tourist magnets. With sound, light, and immersion as its tools, projection mapping crafts experiences that captivate and deeply resonate with audiences.

Rajeeva Lochan Sharma, MD of Barco India, shares, “In today’s dynamic world, technology plays a pivotal role in reshaping the tourism sector. Through innovative solutions and immersive experiences, we are proud to be at the forefront of bridging the gap between cultures & destinations in ways previously unimaginable. Barco stands as a leader in projection mapping, facilitating compelling storytelling and alluring entertainment experiences. Our expertise has been showcased in diverse settings, from the historic Cellular Jail in Andaman & Nicobar to the iconic King Edward Memorial façade in Ajmer, and even the futuristic Museum of the Future in Dubai, not to mention the incredible splendor of Niagara Falls in Canada. Our cutting-edge technology opens doors to new dimensions, allowing travelers to dive into the heart of destinations, experience their rich history, and forge deeper connections with diverse cultures.”

The Future of Barco’s Technology

As we celebrate World Tourism Day, it’s evident that Barco’s projection mapping technology has the potential to revolutionize the tourism sector in India. By seamlessly blending history, culture, and technology, Barco’s innovative solutions are creating immersive experiences that leave lasting impressions on tourists. Thus, driving the growth of India’s tourism sector into a new era of engagement and wonder.

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