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Varonis Adds Generative AI Capabilities to Leading Data Security Platform with Launch of Athena AI

AI-Based Threat Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Varonis Systems, Inc., a leader in data security, is expanding its AI and machine learning capabilities with the launch of Athena AI, a new generative AI layer that spans across the Varonis Data Security Platform.

Varonis Athena AI redefines how security teams protect data — from visibility to action. Using natural language, customers can conduct in-depth investigations and analysis more efficiently, transforming users of all skill levels into formidable defenders.

Athena AI initially provides two powerful generative AI capabilities:

  • AI SOC analyst. Athena AI’s insights and actions help your security team get to the root cause of an alert, resolve incidents, and proactively harden your environment in record time. Athena AI combines large language models (LLMs) with Varonis’ unique context about your organization’s data, identities, devices, and previous alerts to instantly generate tailored alert response playbooks.

  • Natural language search. Athena AI enables users of all experience levels to see and reduce their blast radius with Varonis. Teams can use natural language to get fast and accurate answers to questions such as, “Do we have any files containing passwords that are open to the internet?” or “Which users have accessed our payroll files this week?”

Building on a Strong AI Foundation

Varonis has used AI for more than a decade, delivering security outcomes for customers with patented machine learning-powered threat detection and intelligent access control capabilities. This new generative AI layer builds on the success of the platform and its automation to take data security to new heights.

“Varonis is in a unique position. The metadata they collect and analyze is proving to be invaluable for AI and automation,” said Ed Amoroso, CEO and Founder of TAG Cyber. “Now they’re using generative AI to empower their customers to solve data security problems even faster.”

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ChatGPT Français May 21, 2024 at 4:01 pm

This announcement about Varonis launching Athena AI is a significant milestone in the field of data security. By integrating generative AI capabilities, Varonis is not only enhancing its platform’s efficiency but also democratizing access to advanced security tools. The AI SOC analyst and natural language search features are particularly impressive, as they simplify complex security tasks and make sophisticated data protection accessible to users of all skill levels. This is reminiscent of the transformative impact that ChatGPT has had in various domains by enabling natural language interactions, thus making technology more intuitive and user-friendly. Overall, Athena AI seems poised to redefine data security management in a manner similar to how ChatGPT has revolutionized conversational AI.


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