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The Rising Importance of Cyber Defense Centers (CDC) in Ever-Evolving Threat Landscape

With rapid digital transformation comes the potential for cyber threats to exploit vulnerabilities, posing significant challenges to individuals, organizations, and entire systems. It is within this dynamic landscape that the importance of robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount. Traditional Security Operations Centers (SOC) have long served as the frontline defense, but the evolving nature of threats demands a more proactive and comprehensive approach. This has led to the emergence of Cyber Defense Centers (CDC) as a vital component of cyber resilience. The CDC is an innovative solution that goes beyond the reactive nature of traditional SOCs, providing a more proactive approach through strategic planning, policy shaping, and risk management functions. In this article, we explore the need for CDCs over traditional SOCs, delve into the services they offer, and examine how Eventus Security, in collaboration with Trend Micro, is shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Vital Role of CDC over traditional SOCs

The need for a proactive strategy is paramount in an era where connectivity exposes organizations to multifaceted risks. CDCs redefine the landscape, seamlessly translating security policies into dynamic services. Sunil Sapra, Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer at Eventus, sheds light on transforming their traditional SOC services to a more evolved Cyber Defense Center. Drawing insights from interactions with thousands of clients across diverse regions, Eventus recognized that traditional SOCs inundate organizations with alerts, often overwhelming them without providing actionable intelligence. Therefore, the clients sought a true partner – one capable of not only providing insights but also guiding them in proactive threat mitigation, and that led to the CDC offering by Eventus.

With 24×7 proactive threat hunting, a Cyber Defense Center is capable of ensuring rapid detection and containment of any potential threats. A CDC, in essence, becomes the “first responder” to any perceived threat, thus minimizing the impact and aiding in swift recovery, ensuring a safe and secure operational environment for organizations.

Eventus is a Trend Micro Professional Services Partner and has leveraged the Trend Micro Vision One XDR to build its CDC. By integrating Trend Micro’s Managed XDR services, Eventus ensures comprehensive cybersecurity coverage, empowering clients to navigate the complex threat landscape with confidence. However, within the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, the needs of the customers are also varied. Manish Chasta, Co-founder & CTO of Eventus, illuminates the evolving customer demands and how Eventus is poised to meet these needs through their Cyber Defense Center (CDC) and upcoming services. Recognizing the growing requirement for in-depth analytics, customers now seek correlations not only within their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems but also across diverse security solutions from various vendors. In response, Eventus is spearheading a comprehensive approach, emphasizing data correlation between different security solutions to provide invaluable insights. Chasta underscores their commitment to delivering a cutting-edge experience, envisioning analytics dashboards that delve into intricate details, allowing users to navigate through layers of information seamlessly. Moreover, Eventus is significantly investing in automation, particularly in threat intelligence on the source side, with an ongoing initiative to develop an in-house threat intelligence platform. Looking ahead, Eventus aims to strategically address these evolving needs through their Cyber Defense Center and upcoming services, positioning itself as a global Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) catering to both defense and resilience aspects of cybersecurity.

Trends and Threat Landscape

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) grapple with various challenges. A notable concern is the shortage of skilled professionals, making hiring for internal security operations a daunting task. According to Manish Chasta, the “as a service” model in security is gaining traction to address this scarcity, providing access to a full-stack security engineer skill set capable of navigating diverse aspects of the security landscape. Furthermore, there is a distinct shift from reactive to proactive approaches in cybersecurity. CISOs increasingly prioritize early threat detection and swift response, highlighting the significance of proactive security measures. Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs) play a pivotal role in supporting this shift, empowering organizations to enhance their security posture effectively.

Tarun Gupta, Director- Technology Integration Service, AMEA, Trend Micro, underscores the paradigm shift from traditional product-centric approaches to platform strategies in cybersecurity. He emphasizes the importance of contextual analysis and predictive visibility in countering modern cyber threats. The integration of Trend Micro solutions into Eventus’ Cyber Defense Center (CDC) significantly enhances visibility across endpoints, servers, networks, and email, fortifying a comprehensive and proactive defense against evolving threats. Identifying accountability and compliance obligations as major challenges for CISOs, Tarun anticipates a transformative shift towards threat-centric hunting propelled by TCP-based methodologies, fostering a more contextual and nuanced approach to cybersecurity.

Sunil Sapra provides valuable insights into the priorities for CISOs when selecting managed security providers. Amid a talent shortage and the need for specialized expertise, Sunil recommends partnering with providers offering both reactive and proactive solutions. Eventus, with its dedication to cybersecurity and substantial investments in technologies, tools, dashboards, and threat intelligence, emerges as a reliable choice. Sunil stresses the importance of a managed security partner being agile, proactive, and capable of delivering actionable insights efficiently. Opting for a provider with a specialized focus on cybersecurity ensures that CISOs have a trustworthy ally in navigating the ever-changing threat landscape.


As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations must embrace proactive cybersecurity strategies to stay ahead of adversaries. The transition from traditional SOCs to CDCs represents a paradigm shift towards comprehensive, proactive, and intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions. Through strategic collaborations and forward-looking initiatives, companies like Eventus and TrendMicro are spearheading innovation in the cybersecurity domain, empowering organizations to navigate the complex threat landscape with confidence and resilience.

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