QNu Labs breaks the distance barrier in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology, develops commercially ready new variant of Armos QKD system

QuNu Labs Pvt. Ltd. (QNu Labs), India’s first Quantum Cryptography company, has now become the first company globally with a commercially ready new variant of its Armos QKD system, which has broken the distance barrier in the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology. In the last week of April 2022, QNu Labs conducted a field demonstration of its latest variant of indigenous Armos QKD technology. This extensive field demonstration was carried over 7 days in April 2022 in northern India, in one of the harshest terrains in the world.

QNu Labs successfully generated a pair of symmetric keys over a distance of 325 kms using QNu’s indigenously developed 150Kms single hop, Armos QKD system and the Trusted Relay Node technology. The most significant aspect of this innovation is that any number of trusted nodes can now be added to the network, to extend the secure communication to any communication node, without any distance barrier. This new Armos QKD technology variant has been developed as part of the iDEX program under the Ministry of Defence.

Additional Secretary (DP) and CEO (DIO) Shri Sanjay Jaju, praised QNu Labs for their continued commitment and efforts towards development of an indigenous technology in quantum communication – specifically crediting QNu for the recent success of the world’s first implementation of secure key transfer over 150 kms. This success attests to India’s ability to attain the vision of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and is a crucial factor towards maintaining India’s strategic autonomy.

What makes the feat unique considering that the mentioned field demonstration used commercially ready products by QNu on the existing optical fibre network (i.e., no special super conducting fibre was required).  This extensive and rigorous demonstration cleared all the tests and specifications set forth – and was evaluated and witnessed by a team consisting of an appointed Nodal Officer of Indian Army, Program Executive Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO) Samriddh Hada and the local team of the Signals Corps.

Commenting on the launch of this variant, Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, QNu Labs said, “This milestone not only puts India ahead of everyone in the world in this technology but has also demonstrated India’s prowess and self-reliance in making nation’s communication infrastructure future secure. Breaking the distance barrier of Armos QKD is a noteworthy accomplishment we are proud of, and it enables our clients to build larger quantum communication networks on existing telco grade fiber.

Centric to the principle of quantum physics, Armos QKD system generates a pair of unconditionally secure symmetric keys, enabling future proof data encryption against any brute force attack. This milestone achieved under stringent conditions, catapults India to the forefront of quantum secure communication technology as globally, symmetric keys over only 100-120 kms (24db loss) have been accomplished at present in the actual field conditions.

Commenting on this technological leap, Dilip Singh, Chief Product Officer, QNu Labs said, “QNu Labs has conclusively proven its expertise in the cutting-edge arena of quantum cryptography. Months of efforts from our research, hardware and software teams went in to achieving this high quality QKD variant which meets the stringent requirement of distance, key rate and security expected from this technology.  I am proud of the fact that the product worked non-stop in the field conditions.

QNu Labs new Armos QKD variant along with Trusted node technology is commercially available on Government E-Marketplace – GeM portal, which can also be accessed through

Equipped with this technology, the Indian armed forces, intelligence agencies and national security centric infrastructure entities can take lead against other nations in creating secure communication networks, over long distances in real life field conditions.” said Sunil Sud, Head Defence Business Unit, QNu Labs.

QNu labs has been a trailblazer since its inception and was recently conferred the National Technology Award from DST in May’22 and had won the Most Innovative Product Award in 2019. QNu Labs is the only company from India to be a part of The Who’s Who of Quantum: A list of 40+ Quantum Companies from Around the World, by The Quantum Insider. A leader in quantum-safe cryptography products and solutions, QNu Labs offers Quantum Security solutions to deliver utmost data security with its patented technology. With this indigenous technology feat, QNu Labs has established that India has tremendous potential to deliver innovative solutions and elevate the existing deep-tech ecosystem.

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