Prama Hikvision Introduces Tripod Turnstile in the High Speed Entrance Solution Product Segment


Prama Hikvision has introduced the Tripod Turnstile designed to deny unauthorized entrance or exit of public passages. The DS-K3G4402 tripod turnstile is designed to deny unauthorized entrance or exit of public passages. By adopting the tripod turnstile integrated with the access control system, person should authenticate to pass through the lane via presenting IC or ID card, etc.

Depending on real-world needs and limitations, unique combinations of each system and their functionalities can be customized. Our offerings range from the most general security needs to advanced intelligent functions that improve management efficiency and user experience.

The Hikvision DS-K3G4402 tripod turnstile features include following:

  • Stable mechanical components and turntable design
  • Bidirectional (Entering/Exiting) lane
  • When the power is down, the barrier will be dropped automatically for emergency evacuation
  • System will cancel the passing permission if a person does not pass through the lane within the valid passing duration
  • LED indicates the passing direction (forbidden or available).
  • Adjust the passing time duration via DIP switch on the control board
  • Multiple people can pass through the lane at a time after the continuous authentications of the passed people.
  • Standard system input; wires with different kinds of card readers.
  • Remote control and management
  • Stable system operation and low noise operation

HikvisionDS-K3G4402Extensive Solution
Hikvision’s Deep-Learning-empowered face recognition terminals set a new standard. Face Recognition Terminal’s integration with Artificial Intelligence Application option is available with Tripod Turntile. It is also compatible with any third party finger, card and face recognition devices.

Application Scenarios
A Tripod Turnstile is one of the most commonly used entrance solutions used in areas with high footfall and sensitive access control needs. Tripod Turnstile is a unique product offering by Hikvision in the High speed Entrance Control Product Portfolio. It is widely used in Residential Complexes, Offices, Factories, Commercial Complexes, Educational Institutes, Stadiums, Temples, Theme Parks, Museums, Gymnasiums, Hostels, etc.

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