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National Technology Day 2022 – Insights from the Tech leaders of India


Every year on May 11th, 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐲 𝐃𝐚𝐲 is observed to celebrate India’s progress in the field of science and technology. The theme for 2022 is “Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for Sustainable Future.”

Sudha KV, Vice President, Dell Technologies, India

“In todays’ digital age, technology is driving human progress and the driving force behind technological growth comes with introducing disruptive ideas. Dell Technologies continues to be one of the global leaders in producing server tech, and India has a key role to play in this. Our Bengaluru R&D centre has been instrumental in bringing about cutting-edge technology in the server portfolio. Right from conceptualization of the servers, to product upgrade and then retiring the offerings, and thinking about the next product and technology trends, the Bengaluru R&D centre is the locus of innovation. Having filed over 100 patents in the last 3-4 years, the team at the Bengaluru centre has been dedicatedly helping Dell Technologies meet their goals of driving growth through technology.

 To integrate software and hardware with specific capabilities, the R&D centre runs about 7 petabytes of networking traffic, 1600 virtual machines and 1400 test configurations to mimic all possible customer scenarios before making solutions available to global markets. With highly skilled engineers, distinguished technical staff and a dedicated team of designers and developers, the team is able to churn out adaptive and autonomous modern infrastructure solutions aligned with modern workloads which meet the customer interests in the areas of cloud computing, AI, analytics and edge computing. Our aim is to increase efficiency and boost performance of end-user computing with new developments and improvements to their PowerEdge portfolio, which allow customers to bring the computing power closer to their data, and our R&D centre is at the cornerstone of these innovations.”

Mr. Kumar Vembu, CEO & Co-Founder, GOFRUGAL

GOFRUGAL-Kumar-Vembu“The future is much larger and many times scarier than it has ever looked in the past. Smart companies are ones that would use technology as a smart platform for all stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate, paving the way for connected business. Omni-channel experiences will continue to evolve so far as to let consumers enjoy a seamless shopping experience – both offline and online.

 Gofrugal will continue to make technology easy, intuitive, and affordable to help businesses, agnostic of size and style, to stay competitive. Gofrugal has, is, and will continue to enable businesses to win by letting them work with minimal staff, with least skills, yet make 100% reliable with accurate predictions and decision recommendations-based solutions “

Mr. Ganesh Shankar, CEO & Co-Founder, RFPIO

rfpio-ganesh-shankarRequest for proposal (RFP) technology was originally developed only for procurement, to help organizations issue, track, and monitor RFPs when they sourced a new product, service, or solution provider. RFP technology developers recognized an opportunity to improve efficiency, encourage competition, and accelerate supply chains. However, these solutions neglected the needs of responders. In fact, as RFP technology made it easier for issuers to include demands for guaranteed service levels, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, privacy assurances, and security protocols in their RFPs, questionnaires ballooned; while RFP issuing technology made it easier for organizations to ask for these requirements, responders were still stuck with manual or in-house solutions that offered unreliable results.

Companies such as RFPIO developed response management technology to support responders. Early versions of the technology-focused on automating response processes, in-app collaboration tools, and organizing content to respond to RFPs and security questionnaires faster. As the technology has advanced, sales teams have also realized the value of responding faster and more accurately from a library of response-ready content that can be accessed from almost everywhere, including web browsers, CRMs, Microsoft Office, Slack, and more. Now, with AI-enabled automated responses, intuitive proposal building tools that enable easier proactive responding, and ubiquitous knowledge management available to all responders—including sales, proposal, customer support, analyst relations, investor relations, and IT teams—having RFPIO in a sales tech stack is a game-changing competitive advantage.”

Sandeep Bhambure, Vice President, Veeam Software – India & SAARC 

“Digital technologies have the potential to revolutionize and reinvent how everyone does business in an increasingly connected world. In recent years, organizations have seen a rapid increase in the adoption of digital services as a result of hybrid work models, growing data security concerns, and overall business disruptions. As per Veeam’s Data Protection Trends Report 2022 “84 percent of Indian organizations experienced ransomware attacks, making cyber-attacks one of the leading causes of downtime for organizations, for the second year in a row.” The growing importance of digital services, data proliferation, and the ever-changing threat landscape have resulted in an increase in cyber-attacks (ransomware), making it critical for businesses to ensure that their organization’s data is always secure. As a result, organizations are now considering aligning with a data protection framework that provides a dependable strategy when normal operations are disrupted.

We at Veeam believe that secure backup is the last line of defense against ransomware. We strive to provide modern data protection to our customers by delivering secure and reliable backup solutions that eliminate downtime, minimize data loss and prevent organizations from paying a costly ransom, ensuring business continuity, and thus contributing to a sustainable future.”

Mr. Satish Pala, CTO, Indium Software

Indium-Software-Satish-PalaManufacturing Industry has been in constant lookout for technology advancements that would eventually help increase operational efficiency, better quality control, lower production costs, lower maintenance costs, increase revenue, etc,. With adoption of Industry 4.0 principles, the industry has been addressing challenges like having to deal with complex processes, high costs due to legacy tools and technologies.

 Some of the key assessments required to be done before the tech shift include 1) the equipment readiness to be connected to a central data system, 2) Software and Hardware required for addressing loads of data being generated 3) Capacity of the IT systems like storage, processing, etc, 3) Readiness for Smart Operations and 4) Change Resistance in People

 One of the key technology shifts in the manufacturing space is deploying technology solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence. Some of these AI driven use cases include: 1) Detection of anomalies and perform predictive maintenance to save huge repair costs. IIOT devices help with collection of relevant data sets 2) Improve quality control by statistical process control 3) Inspection of products/components using AI based visual tech and thereby reduce human errors

 Another key AI use case is Digital Twin technology where in a physical object, process or a whole factory for example is represented digitally.  Some industry examples include engines, wind farms, buildings, cities, etc,. The digital twin technology can be used to collect data, create simulations that can predict how a product or process will perform.”

Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, Netcore Cloud

Netcore-Cloud-Kalpit-Jain“COVID-19 has resulted in a surge digital adoption across industries and geographies, transforming the way organizations function, and compelling them to adopt new technologies overnight.  As digital adoption took a quantum leap, businesses tried to survive and stay relevant to customers and their evolving needs. These technology-led changes transformed the way companies interact with their customers. Brands that adopted the ‘adapt and respond’ strategy to combat this change are today leading the way in customer engagement.

On National Technology Day, we at Netcore Cloud, would like to acknowledge the important role that technology plays in building customer experience and engagement. We are constantly striving to incorporate new technologies that provide CMOs and growth managers more intelligent and meaningful ways to engage, acquire and retain customers. We will continue in our efforts to bring innovative and advanced technology-led solutions to marketers across the globe as we scale.”

Geetika Goel, Head of Technology, Hero Vired

Hero-Vired-Geetika-Goel“As a woman in the technology industry for the past two decades, I have encountered a variety of challenges and opportunities to create a niche for myself. It’s encouraging to see a surge in female talent and a growing interest in upskilling. It is unquestionably a sign of India’s bright future in the technology industry. This, combined with the government’s laser-like focus on digitising the country, has boosted the industry and created an inclusive environment for all genders to thrive on a national and international scale. At Hero Vired, I work with a world-class team of engineers and tech enthusiasts to realise the company’s shared vision and growth goals, all while instilling a strong digital-first culture.”

Sidharth Kulbhaskar – Founder,

Sidharth KulbhaskarOn national technology day, We must remind ourselves of the saying of Steve jobs. ” It’s not a faith in technology, it’s faith in people” . The best technologies always have ingredients of empowering people and bringing them together both as the creator and user of the technology. As humans we shouldn’t forget it.


Anuj Vaid, CEO,  CMS IT Services

CMS-IT-Anuj-VaidThis May 11th, our National Technology Day, I would like to thank all whose contributions we are enjoying which also spur us to chip in.

Anuj Vaid For far too long, the concept of ‘development’ is based on how much of earth’s resources have been exploited efficiently. This has created its own challenges – climate change being key.

Indians have historically looked at holistic development and it is this differentiated approach that we should embrace as we bring to bear new technological interventions for a superior sustainable future. Thought leadership intermeshed with intrinsically sustainable designs must propel our technology leadership on the global stage.

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