Kolkata’s Realty Sector Is Now Creating Architectural Marvels In The City

While Kolkata is famous as the cultural capital of the country, it is also popular for some architectural marvels that leave everyone enthralled. Whether it’s the magnificence of the iconic Howrah Bridge or the brilliance of Vidyasagar Setu, you will be nothing but a spellbound spectator.

The Realty Sector of the city is also witnessing the parallel trend in the city, Industry experts believe offers and festive sales are not going to attract consumers anymore, they need to come up with innovative and unique constructions. The Developers are coming up with advanced designs and spellbinding architecture, they are not compromising with the quality and final results. Be it technology, aesthetics or cost-effectiveness, developers are now looking beyond traditional formats of designing and marketing to sustain themselves in the market.

Features like Terracotta separators in place of walls, sloping roofing in the balconies or cupboards made of superfluous pinewood are some of the aboriginal architecture that is making its way into urban homes. The concept of indigenous architecture is becoming popular in the urban housing sector, developers are coming up with neither eco-friendly nor sustainable but a mixture of both architectures in their buildings. For Example, some prominent companies are using the cob technique adopted from traditional homes in Assam to make walls in several of their construction. Cob is a mixture of sandy soil, clay, and straw. It is long-lasting, inexpensive, entirely recyclable and pollution-free.

Architects and Engineers across the world are progressively using technology to make their lives simpler and work faster. One such modernisation that has changed the way construction sector functions is Building Information Modelling (BIM). It has become an essential part of any project design today. It empowers a smarter and faster design process, involved planning and visualization, to simulation and construction.

Kolkata is indorsing unique designs, concepts and bold execution under the supervision and vision of some of the best architectures of the world. Personalities like Hafeez Contractor, the architect couple Peng Beng and Belinda of Arc Studio are coming up with some of the premium projects in the city. They are setting an example of how smart architecture can change the landscape of Eastern India’s Realty Sector.

Some of the game changer projects bringing architectural innovations in the skylines of Kolkata are Forum’s Atmosphere, Ideal Group’s Unique Centre, The 42 and Siddha’s Sky.

Ideal’s Unique Centre

The Magnificent Elevation, the tallest commercial project in Kolkata, Ideal Unique Centre of G+31 floor has been designed by Hafeez Contractor. A person entering the building will surely be awestruck by one of its kind 54ft high, entrance lobby. The Building has been conceptualised as a Gold rated Green Building, which means the use of water, air & power would be carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. Ideal Unique Centre has been designed based on the feedback of more than 200 office goers. The orientation and location of the building offer breathtaking vistas of the eastern wetlands from the offices. This upcoming building will definitely be going to change the landscapes of commercial buildings in Eastern India.

World’s first iconic residential floating sky Sculpture at Forum Atmosphere

‘Deya’ which means ‘cloud’ in Bengali has been designed like a floating sculpture in the sky. Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, the architect couple Peng Beng and Belinda of Arc Studio, Singapore has designed this 2500 ton dynamic steel sculpture. Pioneered by Forum Projects, Kolkata’s Atmosphere, an ultra-luxurious residential condominium project has won the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012 from India. Each unit is providing a private garden completely customisable, with landscaped decks, 20 feet tall trees, built-in Jacuzzis and a lot more. Ranging from 400 sq ft to 1500 sq ft in size, these gardens in the sky lend each condominium a distinct outdoor theme. Deya is being reckoned as an iconic, futuristic creation in terms of its structural design, being attempted for the first time in India and probably in the world.

The 42

The 42 is the place where Kolkata’s past meets Kolkata’s present, the ultimate junction of heritage and ambition. The 42 residents of the Ultra-Luxury residential tower will wake up every morning to see the Victoria Memorial in all its glory, the Maidan in its green splendour or the distant Howrah Bridge standing tall over the glistening Hooghly River. While these are just to name a few, it is best left to “seeing is believing”.

Four of the city’s most trusted developers have come together to build Kolkata’s newest landmark The 42. The construction has features like STP, Solar panel, Electrical car charging facility etc. IGBI have given THE 42 a Gold rating pre-certification. It is going to be Eastern India’s tallest residential tower fulfilling the promise of a360-degree view and a new landmark on the Kolkata skyline. The characteristic feature of the building is its panoramic view, one can experience Kolkata’s unobstructed view of iconic architectural wonders precious to the city standing at one place.

Bridging the skies – ‘Skywalk’ by Siddha

Siddha Group has launched a series of Skywalks in their upcoming housing projects – Siddha Galaxia, Siddha Sky, Siddha Suburbia & Siddha Eden Lakeville, making skywalks affordable and an unbelievable experience for the residents. Skywalks are elevated, a usually enclosed walkway between two buildings, are built to cross a large interior space, as an atrium, or built over a street to link two buildings. Strung between two visually disconnected masses of development or buildings, a gangway becomes an urban bridge, giving pedestrians a soaring understanding of a building’s elevation.

Siddha is developing over 2 Kilometres long joggers track across all the skywalks. Each of the skywalks will boast off landscaped greens, sitting area, deck for telescope, water bodies with fountain, outdoor lounge, pantry, toilet, yoga & meditation room, amphitheater, sundeck and children’s play area.

Jain Group’s Dream One Project

Dream One is Kolkata’s most technologically advanced home built on a foundation of cutting-edge science which enables seamless information between apartment residents for socializing, provides round the clock vigilance of your asset, even bringing it on to your smartphones and pampers you with features that leave a smile on your face.

Dream One has RCC frame and earthquake resistant structure. It uses best quality rebars and cement to build superior quality structures that last for generations. The Unique design of the building is not the only eye catchy but it is definitely going to be one of the architectural marvels of the city. Dream One is designed in such a manner that it looks like an ONE and offers some first of its kind in Kolkata amenities for the valued customers that can truly upgrade their lifestyle into a true blue one.

The last year was a roller coaster ride for the real estate industry and the effects of policy changes in the present year are yet to be seen. It is hence really apt for the developers to take a step ahead in innovation so that they are able to withstand any market fluctuations.

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