Indian Small Businesses see artificial intelligence (AI) as a major game changer for their business operations

The GoDaddy Global Entrepreneurship survey, conducted among entrepreneurs and small business owners across India, reveals insights into their outlook on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, as well as goals for their business growth.

According to the survey results, 94% of Indian small business owners view implementing AI as key for positive outcomes. Furthermore, when it comes to investing in AI tools, the top three compelling reasons were a positive impact on customer service (53%), potential for increased efficiency (41%), and improved decision-making through data-driven insights (40%).

Notably, respondents identified key areas where AI could have the most benefit for their small business operations citing marketing (65%), business planning & strategy (61%), and customer experience (52%). Overall, 97% of small business owners believe that digitalization has noticeably improved their work processes.

Despite the optimism, survey respondents shared their concerns about implementation AI tools including the lack of awareness about available solutions (50%), lack of understanding of the benefits (45%), potential costs (43%) and lack of time to implement these tools (29%).

To help Indian entrepreneurs and small business owners   GoDaddy offers user-friendly AI services like GoDaddy Studiodomains with a .ai extension, and WordPress Hosting with AI capabilities.

GoDaddy is further supporting Indian entrepreneurs and small business owners embrace use of AI technologies by offering free AI resources including GoDaddy’s AI Prompt Library to help learn how AI can streamline their workflows and save them time while accelerating the growth of their business. This carefully curated collection is designed to assist entrepreneurs in various business tasks like content creation for marketing and simplification of customer service.

As Indian entrepreneurs embrace the potential of AI to boost their businesses, GoDaddy’s survey results underscores their aspirations for digital transformation and future growth. In India, 87% of respondents expect their business to grow in the next 3 to 5 years, with 40% expecting their business to grow at least 50% in that timeframe.

“AI is a valuable asset in targeting the right audience, measuring campaign effectiveness, and making informed business improvements among other benefits. With a spirit of innovation and an eye on the future, Indian small businesses are poised to unlock growth opportunities. GoDaddy is a trusted partner for entrepreneurs on this journey, offering intuitive AI solutions alongside a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to empower entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses with confidence,” commented Apurva Palnitkar, Senior Director Marketing, GoDaddy India.

The latest findings from the GoDaddy 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Survey showcase a promising picture of India’s small businesses embracing digitalization and new technologies. With accessible AI tools by GoDaddy, Indian entrepreneurs and small business owners are poised to help create engaging customer content and drive operational efficiencies to help further build their business.

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