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GMERS Ensures Safety with Matrix Video Management Software


Upgrades to a Centralized and Preventive Solution

Customer: Gujarat Medical and Education Research Society (GMERS)

Industry: Education/ Healthcare

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Project Highlights:

  • Centralized Control of 400+ Cameras
  • Prompt notification through SMS and Email
  • Support of Multiple NAS
  • Flexibility of Incorporating Third Party Cameras

Company Profile
Gujarat Medical and Education Research Society is an initiative taken up by the State Government of Gujarat to improve the Human Development Index in the state by establishing new medical colleges. This, in turn, will increase the availability of qualified doctors and ensure the spread of health care services and medical knowledge. GMERS Ahmedabad is also one such initiative. Spread across five buildings, the campus has a hospital setup with a capacity of 720 beds.

Business Challenge:
Centralized Monitoring and Management – Being aware of the various security challenges that an education hub faces, GMERS Ahmedabad had already installed 400+ cameras to secure the campus. However, they faced difficulty while centrally monitoring the entire system. Also, since the campus is divided in five buildings, it was challenging to manage all at once.
Real-time Security – Due to the large area, it was difficult to extend quick and real-time security to various parts of the campus. Being a medical college, they needed a technically sound system which could provide notifications in real-time during critical situations.

Matrix Offering
Matrix offered SATATYA SAMAS as the solution. It is a Video Management Software which provides common platform to all the existing security systems. Existing 400+ cameras were configured in the software and thus, could be centrally monitored from a dedicated room. Apart from this, VMS allowed the flexibility of incorporating other brand’s cameras and integration with other security systems as well, like Fire Alarms.

Moreover, with the availability of user-based control, it was ensured that the surveillance system is being managed by the right security personnel. For example, the security guard was restricted to viewing rights and only the IT personnel was given administrator rights. This assures data security. SMS and Email alerts for notification were also configured to provide prompt support in case of urgency. Furthermore, features like E-Map enabled swift notifications about the health status of cameras and devices.


  • Unified Platform for Centralized Control
  • Instant Aid During Urgency
  • Flexibility of Future Expansion

Products Offered:
Software for More than 250 Cameras

2. SATATYA SAMAS CAM50 | 4nos |
Additional 50 Camera License

3. SATATYA SAMAS User3 License
Three Concurrent User License For Monitoring

For further information, please contact:
Toll Free -1800-258-7747

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