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From memory to immunity, why the office is good for your health?

Nakul Mathur, Managing Director, Avanta India

The Coronavirus pandemic was one of the most formidable challenges faced by the human race. The crisis has had a significant impact on the way we live and work. The forced adoption of long term work from the home arrangement was one of the biggest changes in corporate work culture. However, the beloved office cannot be side-lined for long, and it was and will remain a significant part of professional lives in the times to come.

Let us analyse why the office is an integral part of the work culture and why it affects the overall wellbeing of an employee?

Changes amid pandemic

As they say, “Your personality is the sum total of your environment”. Although the working arrangements are companies’ prerogative and depend on the nature of work, the office seating layout and environment holds a lot of importance in employees’ wellbeing and health. 

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, modern offices have gone through a number of changes. The transition from cubicles to open floor plans was more of a necessity than an adaptation. However, the changes have had a direct bearing on employees’ wellbeing and productivity. If the factor of home comfort is kept aside, the productivity and alertness levels have declined during work from home arrangements. 

A comforting couch with casual clothes and a coffee mug might sound good, but in the longer run, an office setup and working with your colleagues is far more productive.

Proper lighting arrangement, comfortable furniture, clean premise, plush infrastructure, air conditioning, natural light, availability of tea/coffee and water are some of the crucial elements for a perfect office premise.

Improved focus 

A professional office environment has a direct effect on the psyche and productivity of an employee. If the workplace is not clean and tidy, the performance of an employee might not be the best. An organised and aesthetically designed workspace increases the ability to focus on the tasks at hand. If spoken in medical parlance, the visual cortex with irrelevant elements in the surroundings can be hard for the brain to properly allocate attention.

An immunity from outer noise at workspace leads to better concentration and focus, which in turn leads to greater productivity. Increased efficiency of employees is directly related to the company’s profit margins.

Green and ventilated offices 

In the post-pandemic scenario, offices with flowery plants and green saplings are being preferred by the companies. A green office environment also helps employees in increasing their productivity and reducing stress. The plants grown in the office premises are not just show-pieces. It has been proven that a green environment ensures a steady supply of oxygen and enhances working capacities. 

In addition to green plants, and adequately ventilated premises can work wonders for the overall wellbeing of employees. Windows in the work area and the provision of clean air are known to provide better health and increased immunity.


The pandemic has compelled humankind to pay increased attention to personal as well as workplace hygiene. A clean, sanitised and germ-free office environment ensures the wellbeing of employees. Moreover, a clean environment improves focus and declutter unimportant activities. Employees are generally happier when they work in a pleasant, clean, comfortable environment that also has space for them to decompress from their day-to-day tasks.

Conclusively, a work from home setup might be a necessity in the shorter term, but the importance of a dedicated office space cannot be discounted. A well-lit, green and ventilated work environment will certainly affect the productivity quotient, performance and satisfaction levels of the employees.

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