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DaveAI unveils its Virtual Avatar Generative AI pipeline during the grand opening of its new office in Bangalore, India


DaveAI, an artificial intelligence platform that helps brands create personalized and immersive sales experiences powered by Virtual Avatars, unveiled its generative AI pipeline during the grand opening of its new office in Bangalore, India.

DaveAI is one of the very first Indian companies to launch Virtual AI Avatars that are leveraged by brands like Maruti Suzuki India, Karnataka Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank etc to improve their sales & customer experience. DaveAI’s virtual avatars are powered by its proprietary AI sales brain which predicts affinities between customers and products.

DaveAI, a Nasscom Deeptech startup and an Emerge 50 winner, is an Intel Open Alliance partner and has R&D consortium with some of the world’s leading academic labs such as IIT Guwahati, KTH Stockholm and IIIT Hyderabad. A recent report by Nasscom on the ‘Generative AI startup landscape in India, 2023,’ identified DaveAI as a key player in this emerging field. The report mentions DaveAI under two categories, namely, ‘sales and marketing’ and ‘consumer avatars and face apps’ for groundbreaking efforts in leveraging generative AI technology to provide unparalleled customer assistance. DaveAI is one of the very few Indian enterprises that has invested in building their own full stack AI platform including components such as Automated Speech to Text, Text to Speech and Natural Language Processing Engine. The new generative AI pipeline will now allow customers to create virtual avatar interactions from simple text. The platform incorporates multiple technology components that are currently pending patents.

Showcasing the new generation of avatars, the company unveiled ‘Dave 3.0 and Kajal’ which will be available for customers in the next release of the platform. Recently, DaveAI collaborated with Maruti Suzuki to create a digital twin of its brand ambassador Varun Dhawan, VD 2.0. According to sources, DaveAI is already working with some of its leading customers to launch hyper realistic avatars integrated with its new pipeline.

Speaking about the launch, Sriram PH, Co-Founder & CEO, DaveAI, said “We strongly believe that ease of experience creation is going to be key for enterprises to scale & succeed in this digital economy. The idea to execution gap is reducing rapidly and it was pertinent for us to be able to respond to this market requirement with a strong offering. We believe this technology will offer a new level of immersion and engagement.This groundbreaking technology marks a significant milestone in digital brand-customer interaction and bridging the offline-online gap. We are already seeing encouraging outcomes for our early customers piloting this technology.”

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking generative AI pipeline for virtual avatars. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant leap forward in creating lifelike and interactive virtual beings. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a pipeline that combines state-of-the-art algorithms and neural networks to generate avatars with unprecedented realism and customization options. We are excited to see the endless possibilities that our generative AI pipeline for virtual avatars will unlock and the impact it will have on shaping the future of digital experiences” says Dr. Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Co-Founder & CTO, DaveAI.

DaveAI has now grown to an 80 member team from a mere 12 member team in 2020 with offices in 4 countries. The company opened its new facility in Bangalore that will now serve as their key technology hub and experience center.

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