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Celebrating National Technology Day: Insights from Industry Leaders

national technology day 2023

National Technology Day, celebrated annually on May 11th in India, serves as a powerful reminder of the remarkable strides made in the world of technology. It is a day dedicated to honoring the visionary engineers, dedicated researchers, and tech giants who have shaped the landscape of innovation. Instituted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former prime minister of India, to commemorate the Pokhran nuclear tests in 1999, this auspicious day serves as a platform to recognize and honor those who have propelled India’s technological landscape forward. In the 21st century, scientists and engineers have emerged as the driving force behind the country’s development, fostering breakthroughs in science and research that have reshaped entire industries. Over the past three decades, India has witnessed a meteoric rise in technological advancements, propelling the nation to new heights and bolstering its standing on the global stage. The 2023 theme, “School to Startups – Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,” underscores the value of innovation and technology in achieving sustainable development and addressing pressing issues like climate change, environmental degradation, and resource depletion.

In this article, we have gathered insights from industry leaders who share their thoughts on this momentous occasion.

Tech Mahindra-Kunal PurohitKunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer, Tech Mahindra said, “National Technology Day is a significant occasion to celebrate the incredible advancements in technology that have transformed the world as we know it. Today, technology is omnipresent and a key facilitator in creating needle-moving outcomes across all industries and governments. The convergence of technologies such as Generative AI, automation, Metaverse, Blockchain, 5G and quantum computing is unlocking new possibilities for businesses and creating a more connected world. It is also enabling significant reduction in the cost of doing business, enhancing revenues through increased differentiation, and ensuring higher customer delight. Tech Mahindra is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies to enable end-to-end digital transformation for global customers and solving complex business challenges.”

MediaTek-AnkuJainMr. Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India said, “In today’s dynamic era of evolution, technology is driving human progress, and the force behind technological growth comes with innovative ideas. We envision a smarter future in which digital technologies have the potential to revolutionize how everyone does business in an increasingly connected world. New-age disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, ML, and cloud computing are the key factors in unlocking the true potential of the IT sector in the next decade of India’s growth in technology and will drive new possibilities in digital transformation. Organizations must focus on upskilling and reskilling the employees to develop competencies and unfold tremendous growth opportunities across sectors. At MediaTek, we believe in investing in local Indian talent and scaling capabilities to drive innovation for India and global markets through dedicated technical training sessions, e-learning platforms, and regular opportunities for upskilling.”

Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director India & Vice President Large Video Wall Experience (APAC) at Barco said, “In this progressive era of evolution, there’s a significant increase in the demand for technology adoption, disrupting & impacting our lives like we never comprehended. New-age innovations has escalated the significant surge in the use of technologies and digital demands and has played an essential role in our lives more than ever. As a result, the government is also prioritizing digitalization and the adoption of new-age technologies, thus enabling India to emerge as a digital-first nation.

 Organizations are focusing on revamping their business digitally & taking initiatives to enable digital transformation. This includes an increased focus on skilling to build digital talent, enhanced investment in technological innovations and R&Ds, hiring young talent, and improving infrastructural facilities with a strong vision to create a digitally enabled India. In all this, Barco foresees acceleration in digitization, adoption of new-age technologies like IoT, cloud-led data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AI innovation, and seamless connectivity & networking. Going forward, Barco expects automation of processes, focus on tech-based upskilling & reskilling as the major upcoming trends in technology.”

Mr. Srivatsan Santhanam, Vice President, Spend Engineering, SAP Labs India

The business landscape is rapidly evolving, and the need of the customers are changing at an unprecedented pace.  To deal with this, technological innovations are required that evaluate the challenges and provide maximum value to the customers. SAP Concur provides its customers, and partner ecosystem with a comprehensive, configurable, and integrated travel, expense & invoice management solution that meets their evolving business needs, payment solution needs and helps them optimize their spending in a compliant way.

 SAP Concur’s vision is to “Create a world where travel, expenses & spend practically manage themselves..” by building an intelligent, predictive travel, expense, and invoice management ecosystem that instinctively and minimally interacts with employees so YOU can focus on what really matters…. By innovating faster on the cloud on cutting edge cloud-native code line & hyperscaler infrastructure, native integration with SAP S/4HANA & rich public APIs, infusing AI/ML in core business processes, mobile-first approach and with compliance & security as “non-negotiables” mindset.

Matthew Foxton, India Regional President and Vice President Branding and Communications, IDEMIA

IDEMIA-Matthew-FoxtonOn this Technology Day, we celebrate the power of technology to transform the way we interact with the world and shape our physical and digital identities. Technology has the potential to empower individuals and organizations alike, enabling us to connect, communicate, commute and collaborate in ways that were once unimaginable. At the same time, the rise of technology has created new challenges, particularly around privacy and security. As a company that is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses protect their identities in the digital age, we understand the importance of staying at the forefront of technological innovation while also advocating for seamless and convenient use. So let us use this day to celebrate the power of technology and to renew our commitment to building a safer and more secure world.

Fissal Oubida, General Manager of Lexar Co. limited.

Fissal Oubida -LexarOn this National Technology Day, let us harness the power of innovation to build a sustainable future. Demand for memory and storage solutions is accelerating rapidly, and we are excited to lead innovation in this industry. At Lexar, we are constantly in the pursuit to transform how the world accesses and uses information. It is our responsibility to leverage the potential of flash memory and other technological advancements to create a world that is not only technologically advanced but also environmentally conscious. All our products are designed to be power and energy-efficient, and can process intensive workloads in cooler operation. They undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs with thousands of digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability.
Together, let’s unlock the potential of technology to drive sustainable progress, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.”

Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India

“Technology has a key role to play in building a resilient and sustainable future for everyone, and advanced spatial technologies are playing a crucial role in demystifying the interconnections and interdependencies for solving complex problems and enhancing decision support through timely intelligence. Leveraging the power of GIS, policymakers, development professionals, and community leaders are integrating social, environmental, and economic information in a way that enables them to gain greater insight into complex situations, make data-driven decisions on where to act and apply resources, and collaborate across organizations and around the world. Geospatial information combined with socio-economic and other statistical data also provides critical inputs for addressing the complex challenges of sustainability for businesses. Data availability and sharing have now become easier in India. With enabling policies like the National Geospatial Policy and the Geospatial Data Guidelines in place, the availability of geospatial data has also improved. In such a scenario, GIS will prove to be a more significant tool in assessment, prioritization, mitigation, planning, change management, and capacity building to address economic inequality, social instability, and environmental degradation challenges.”

Vishal Prakash Shah, Founder and CEO, Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

“On this National Technology Day, we are reminded of the tremendous potential of technology and innovation to bring about positive change. Let us get together to honour and acknowledge the significant contributions of our nation’s scientists, engineers, and technologists who have made remarkable progress in various fields. To name a few, the Development of Covaxin, Satellite Launch Services by ISRO, Indigenous Brahmos Missiles, Robust and Reliable UPI, and 5G Bandwidth remind us of India’s Technology Prowess. Let us continue to leverage technology for the betterment of society and work towards building a brighter future for everyone.”

Mr. Arun Awasthy, Vice President & Managing Director, Johnson Controls India

The United Nations declared 2020 as the beginning of the ‘decade of action’ which calls for an accelerated sustainable solution for the world’s biggest challenges, including but not limited to Climate Change, in order to achieve the targets set under the UN SDGs 2030. Carbon emissions continue to be a huge challenge the world over, with buildings being significant contributors to this. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are important facets of a building not only for comfort, but also from a health standpoint. At the same time, HVAC systems have been known to be extremely polluting for the environment. Today, the integration of technology like AI and ML into HVAC and Building Management Systems have been game changing. Being armed with data, integrating disparate systems within the building, and automation, have made it possible to make informed and timely decisions, with positive implications for energy and cost savings. We are at a point in time where we must take cognisance of the role technology can play in pivoting nations towards a ‘Sustainable Transformation’ “.

Mr. Michael Hurlston, President and CEO, Synaptics

Synaptics-Michael-HurlstonOn National Technology Day, we take a moment to celebrate the extraordinary power of technology which has transformed our lives. As a global leader in solutions that sense, process and connect to enable the Internet of Things and the AI revolution, we at Synaptics would like to specifically highlight the ubiquitous significance of semiconductor chips which serve as the brains of products and services that make our lives safer, more efficient, and enjoyable. Semiconductors enable the products we use every day at home, at work, and on the go, be it, smartphones, computers, access to the internet, home appliances, automation and entertainment systems, automobiles, and countless other electronic systems.

The success and impact of semiconductors depends on continued innovation, the key to future life-changing advancements in health, science, energy, climate, transportation, security, and other critical areas. National Technology Day reminds of us of the importance of investing in the talent and expertise needed to expand the capabilities of this industry. India has some of the best semiconductor engineers in the world, hence, we urge engineers to use their skills and contribute to the existing semiconductor ecosystem, particularly in the creativity in how these devices are designed. And we encourage students to consider engineering-related studies and careers to maintain the pace of innovation needed over the long term and continue to make our world a better place.

Srinivas Prasad, Senior Director & Site Head at Analog Devices

“Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and technology has been a driving force in revolutionizing the world we live in. The rapid growth of the semiconductor industry globally has played a pivotal role in the development of modern technology, and India is now poised to take on a leadership role in this space. The Indian government has initiated programs that encourage the domestic production of electronic goods for both the regional and global markets.

Coupled with the rise of innovative start-ups, a push towards digitalization, and the increasing demand for cutting-edge technologies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G/6G, Automotive Electrification, Smart meters, Digital factories to name a few has created a solid foundation for the growth and expansion of the semiconductor industry in India. With a skilled workforce, favourable policies, and increasing investments in research and development (R&D), India is well positioned to become a hub for semiconductor Design, Engineering and manufacturing. We believe that, in a rapidly growing digital economy, India has a unique opportunity to leverage its vast pool of engineering talent and become a global hub for semiconductor innovation.”

Govind Soni, Co-founder and CTO, CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch-Govind SoniOn National Technology Day, we are reminded of the transformative power of innovation and its ability to shape our lives meaningfully. Technology at its best is a high-impact growth accelerator. It increases efficiency, creates new possibilities, and makes our world better. In terms of crypto and its underlying blockchain technology, we are already seeing this play out via the ongoing Web3 pivot.

Today, companies and governments are harnessing the power of blockchain to create secure and transparent systems across various industries. Blockchain technology can potentially revolutionise how we conduct business, store data, and even vote. In the coming years, we can expect to see a boom in the real-world utility of this technology, and yield its benefits.

Even at CoinSwitch, we are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to leverage technology at large to better serve our customers. As we celebrate National Technology Day, we look forward to the many possibilities the future holds.

Aakrit Vaish, CEO and Cofounder at Jio Haptik

TechDay 2023 is a testament to our unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology. As we gather to celebrate innovation, it should be noted that behind the advancements and breakthroughs lie the stories of human curiosity, perseverance, and collaboration. Haptik stands at the forefront of human-machine interaction, embracing the responsibility to create meaningful experiences. Tech Day provides a good opportunity to reflect on the profound impact technology has on our lives and strive to channel its potential for good.  India’s increasing emphasis on technology demonstrates our dedication to utilising it to enhance the lives of all residents. We must keep leveraging technology to effect change for the better and create a better future for all.

Parag Khurana, Country Manager, Barracuda Networks India

On this National Technology Day, we recognize the immense value that technology brings to businesses and individuals alike. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, we are witnessing a technological revolution that is changing the way we live and work. However, as with any innovation, there are also risks and challenges to be addressed, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity”.

He added, “let us continue to embrace technology while prioritizing security and privacy. We encourage businesses and individuals to be proactive about their cybersecurity posture and to partner with trusted experts who can help them navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. By working together, we can harness the full potential of technology to create a safer, more secure world

Nishant Behl, Founder, Expand My Business (ExMyB)

As we witness the growing tech prowess of India, it is clear that our country has the potential to become a global tech hub and innovation powerhouse. The role of technology in building ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ cannot be overstated, as it is critical to unlocking the full potential of our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. India’s growing focus on creating digital public goods reflects our commitment to using technology to improve the lives of all citizens. We must continue harnessing technology’s power to drive positive change and build a better future for all.

Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Jt. MD & CTO at Quick Heal Technologies

On World Password Day, we must recognize the critical role of passwords in protecting our online identities and businesses. Strong passwords, regular updates, and two-factor authentication are essential for enhanced protection against cyberattacks. Businesses must prioritize password protection by implementing strong password policies, employee training, and advanced security solutions to safeguard sensitive data and intellectual property. Password protection is a collective responsibility, and we must work together to take proactive measures and stay informed about the latest threats. Let’s use this day as a reminder to prioritize password security and protect our digital identities and businesses.

Mr. Anand Rajan Mission Leader & Co-Founder at

Technology is not just a tool, it’s a catalyst for progress. It empowers us to innovate, to collaborate, and to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With its ability to solve pressing issues, bridge gaps, and transform societies, technology enables governments, civil society, and markets to come together and create real impact at scale.

As we mark National Technology Day, let’s remember that the true value of technology lies not in its novelty or complexity, but in its ability to improve people’s lives. Let us commit to using technology in a way that promotes equity, inclusion, and sustainability, and to ensuring that its benefits are shared by all“.

Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India

NetApp recognises the immense potential of technology to drive progress, and the responsibility that comes with it to be environmentally conscious. Cloud serves as a vital resource for companies looking to become net zero and helps organisations achieve their sustainability goals. By adopting cloud-first strategies, investing in renewable energy technologies, and embracing regenerative designs, companies can pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Through our various offerings, we are steadfastly committed to continue developing energy-efficient technologies and solutions that allow our customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. We have set an ambitious but achievable target of a 50% intensity reduction of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030.

Vaibhav Tare, VP & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Global Head – Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS) · Fulcrum Digital Inc

In today’s business environment, sustainability has become an important boardroom conversation. To meet sustainability goals, enterprises can prioritize this by leveraging various facets of technology. IoT, big data analytics, and AI can enable businesses to collect and analyse data on environmental factors such as air quality, water usage, and energy consumption, to optimize resource usage.

Further, organizations can lower their carbon emissions by moving their data to the cloud. This strategy can help balance business and sustainability objectives while taking a comprehensive approach to address environmental impact while meeting business needs. On National Technology Day, we at Fulcrum Digital, reaffirm our commitment towards driving innovative technology-powered solutions for a greener environment.”

Poornima Bethmangalkar – General Manager and Head of Industrial & Manufacturing, Happiest Minds

The National Technology Day, first celebrated 24 years ago, is yet another reminder of the pivotal role technology has played in India’s evolution towards becoming an economic superpower. As we continue to make progress, we need to clearly prioritize sustainability in a way that goes beyond carbon emission and net-zero goals.

While good policymaking and investments are imperative to progress, technology can be a great enabler in the path towards sustainability. Green energy through solar, wind power and hydropower offer cleaner alternatives to today’s dependence on coal and crude oil. Electric mobility also carries great potential to benefit from changing infrastructure and the provision of smart grids.

Moreover, India’s burgeoning IT services industry has resulted in unprecedented investments in data centers. The need of the hour is to adopt a green approach by exploring underwater data centers, generating electricity through green hydrogen, and using AI more effectively to predict energy consumption.

Shailesh Kumar Davey, Co-founder, and VP of engineering, ManageEngine, Zoho Corp.

ManageEngine-Shailesh Kumar DaveyIn order to improve their competitiveness and offer a better user experience, businesses are embracing technologies in ways never seen before. But in their rush, they shouldn’t forget that technology can also play a key role in creating a sustainable future. At ManageEngine, we help businesses better understand their IT resource utilization and operational inefficiencies. We optimize IT infrastructure with a focus on endpoint security, service management, IT security and data centers, thereby helping businesses cut down on unwanted expenses and reduce their energy consumption. We are seeing the government and several business leaders take initiatives to create a sustainable future and achieve net zero emissions. If adopted right, technology can certainly be a major helping hand in their cause.

Amit Deshpande, Sr. VP and India Head, SpringML

SpringML-Amit DeshpandeIn the modern age of digital technology we are able to achieve impressive breakthroughs at an extraordinary rate. There’s already a paradigm shift taking place in areas such as Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, and many more. AI innovation will enable humans to leverage enormous quantities of data and make groundbreaking advances.

A clear example of AI’s contribution to the future is SpringML’s recent project for Costa Mesa Sanitary District. The Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) is dedicated to protecting public health and the environment for current and future generations. The district, which serves more than 118,000 residents, provides solid waste and wastewater collection services to Costa Mesa, California, as well as parts of Newport Beach and unincorporated Orange County.

SpringML created a solution by leveraging the power of machine learning (ML) to detect sewer manholes, analyze them, and rate their conditions. CMSD cut costs associated with manhole maintenance by 60%. The initiative is also helping to improve public safety with more frequent and effective manhole maintenance, resulting in smoother roads, avoiding sewer blockages, and improving worker access to underground public utilities.

According to research by PwC UK and Microsoft, by 2030, the use of AI for sustainable technologies could add up to USD $5.2 trillion to the world economy. The objective should now be to keep pushing the envelope and make it an indispensable tool for solving environmental, social, and governmental issues.

Praval Singh, Vice President, Zoho Corp.

Praval SinghIndia is advancing towards being a global SaaS leader. However, in recent years, we have witnessed a hype cycle brought on by excessive capital, resulting in disproportionate hiring and irrational spending. This model was never sustainable, and the implications are pretty visible. Now, more than ever, it’s essential for tech companies to strengthen their foundation through R&D investments and be open to exploring opportunities and markets to stay relevant. A strong foundation can help them in the face of market uncertainties brought on by global economic headwinds and technological advancements such as those in AI.

At Zoho, we’ve remained frugal even through prosperous years and chose to invest in R&D and talent. Now, our focus is to strengthen these two areas even more while we serve our customers in the best way possible. On this National Technology Day, we want to stress upon the importance of the basics—focusing on sustainable growth and looking at building a business for the long haul. Tough times bring out strong businesses.

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