Beehive announces Happiness Survey and Work satisfaction features to its Employee Engagement Module in the HRMS Platform

Beehive, a frontrunner in tailored HRMS solutions for SMEs and MSMEs, has introduced Work Satisfaction and Happiness Survey features to their Employee Engagement module within the HRMS platform. These transformative additions, within their Data-analytics driven platform, aim to revolutionize the way SMEs and MSMEs address the unique challenges in their industries. Beehive’s mission is to empower companies to deeply understand employee commitment and motivation, fostering a harmonious synergy between employees and their organizations, resulting in peak productivity, enhanced retention, and fostering high performance teams.


The ongoing priority for SMEs and MSMEs is to not only retain top talent but also ensure their ongoing growth and development to meet industry demands. Beehive recognizes these needs and has introduced a tailored solution to address them. The Happiness Survey  takes real-time feedback from employees dynamically setting it like a happiness meter for their mood. Complimenting this is the Workplace module that collects inputs from employees, functioning as a mood gauge with inquiries about their current feelings and satisfaction. It includes anonymous responses and can incorporate personalized queries, such as rating one’s manager or assessing personal growth and work satisfaction. These auto-scheduled questions align objectively specific to each industry and can be sent to employees weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Beehive further enhances transparency and engagement through interactive surveys, actively involving employees in decision-making processes. This approach results in elevated satisfaction, unwavering loyalty, and improved workplace productivity.


Leveraging the invaluable feedback provided by employees, Beehive employs data analytics technology to extract meaningful insights, compiling an intelligence report that is then shared with organizations. This report offers a deeper understanding of the factors that impact employee happiness and overall sentiments. Equipped with this knowledge, organizations can implement targeted actions to enhance their employees’ well-being and make informed decisions.


Mr. Haresh Awatramani, CEO of Beehive HRMS, stated, “We wholeheartedly acknowledge the pivotal role that SMEs and MSMEs play in driving economic growth. To ascend to greater heights and meet industry demands, these enterprises require nothing less than a top-tier workforce. The key to retaining exceptional talent lies in nurturing job satisfaction. With our innovative Happiness Survey and Work Satisfaction features, we’re providing a revolutionary solution to boost employee engagement, transparency, and satisfaction. Through real-time feedback and intelligent data analysis, we empower companies to make informed decisions, nurture talent, and create a work environment where every employee thrives.”


Beehive’s commitment to providing innovative HR solutions aligns with the dynamic needs of SMEs and MSMEs, ensuring their continuous growth and success in today’s fast-paced


business landscape. Nippon Express, Marsh India, Compuage, Arti Drugs, Ziqitza, NYK, Datamatics, Runwal Group, SVYM, Tata Class Edge and many more are just a few of the significant clients of Beehive.

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