Advaita Bedanta Consultants (ABC) Private Limited Leverages Domo for Advanced Data Analytics Solutions, Empowering Clients to Unlock Business Insights

Advaita Bedanta-Sanjeev

Advaita Bedanta Consultants Private Limited (ABC), a leading consulting firm specializing in Financial Services, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Retail, and Distribution, is thrilled to announce it is leveraging Domo, a data experience platform provider, to provide clients with cutting-edge data analytics solutions to unlock valuable insights and drive business growth.

Advaita Bedanta Consultants Private Limited plans to combine Advaita Bedanta s industry knowledge and consulting expertise with Domo’s powerful data and analytics platform, enabling organizations to harness the power of their data and make informed, data-driven decisions that multiply business impact.

“We are delighted to partner with Domo to offer our clients advanced data analytics solutions,” said Sanjeev Kumar Bindlish, Co-founder & CEO at Advaita Bedanta Consultants Private Limited. “This collaboration will enable us to leverage Domo’s state-of-the-art technology and expertise, empowering our clients to harness the full potential of their data and drive business success.”

Advaita Bedanta and Domo are committed to delivering exceptional value to mutual clients, helping organizations transform their data into a strategic asset and achieve their business objectives.

Clients of Advaita Bedanta Consultants Private Limited will benefit from a comprehensive suite of data and analytics solutions. Domo’s advanced data integration capabilities facilitate seamless integration of diverse data sources, empowering organizations to consolidate and analyze their data in a centralized platform. The intuitive and interactive data visualization tools offered by Domo enable clients to explore and understand their data quickly, gaining actionable insights in real-time. Additionally, Domo’s cloud-native architecture allows for scalable data analytics capabilities, ensuring that clients can meet evolving data demands as their business grows. Domo’s robust data security measures and governance protocols provides the security, confidentiality and integrity of clients’ data, as well as compliance with industry regulations.

“Our channel partners deliver incredible innovations to business impact owners at organizations all across the world,” said Peter Steggall, vice president of APAC, Domo. “Partners such as Advaita Bedanta Consultants Private Limited are bringing their expertise in Financial Services, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution and building upon the depth and breadth of Domo’s data experience platform so that mutual customers can multiply their impact for their business.”

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