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5 Digital Platforms for Designing Customized Learning Paths for a Diverse Workforce

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations recognize the importance of continuous employee learning and upskilling. While traditional methods of corporate training have been around for a while, it is only recently that companies are realizing how crucial it is to provide personalized learning paths that cater to individual employees’ unique needs and preferences, and its impact on employee productivity, engagement, and attrition. In fact, research indicates that a personalized learning path is crucial for boosting employee engagement, with 77% of learning and development professionals advocating for its adoption. This is where digital platforms for designing customized learning paths come into play, as these platforms leverage technology to deliver personalized learning experiences that empower employees to acquire new skills and knowledge at their own pace.

Personalized or customized learning is a learner-centric approach that prioritizes each employee’s unique needs and interests. It goes beyond a one-size-fits-all model and takes into account that employees in similar roles may have varying upskilling needs and career goals. By aligning training initiatives with employees’ specific requirements from their day of joining, organizations can create an environment that nurtures talent, fosters professional growth, and enhances overall job satisfaction.

In this article, we will delve into five digital platforms that you can use to design customized learning paths for your diverse workforce:

QuoDeck is a Digital Learning & Engagement platform that helps companies enable and engage their workforces using new-age and gamified methods. The platform allows for creation of gamified learning paths that provide a visual sense of progress through a gamified world for the learner, creating an immersive and entertaining learning experience.

Enterprises can use this platform to engage and educate prospective candidates, train employees during preboarding, induction, and probation, and encourage on-the-job learning and upskilling. The QuoDeck platform provides in-built tools to help companies upskill their teams using daily learning approaches, product & services, and integrate a knowledge base full of stories, quizzes, games, and more. Companies can also create personalized learning paths for their workforce taking into account language, proficiency, vernacular authoring, and certifications, and encourage healthy competition among individuals and teams through short-term campaigns with gamified contests, leaderboards, and rewards.

Quodeck collaborates with several Fortune 500 companies across various sectors and industries such as FMCG, E-Commerce, Banking, Insurance, Pharma, Retail, Media, Power, etc. A lot of these organizations leverage the platform to train their ecosystems such as agents, advisors, distributor networks, supply chain, and sales teams. The QuoDeck platform goes beyond traditional training by delivering tangible business impact for these companies, in terms of better performance, lower attrition, and higher motivation among the workforce.

Coursera for Business

Coursera for Business is a popular online learning platform that offers a vast library of courses from top global universities and industry experts. It enables organizations to create custom learning programs by curating courses that align with the organization’s specific needs and that of their employees.

The platform provides flexibility in content selection and allows employees to choose world-class courses for career growth and personal development, which they can learn at their own pace. Coursera’s extensive course catalog covers various domains, including technology, business, data science, project management, and more, ensuring something for everyone in the workforce.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that combines the power of LinkedIn’s professional network with a comprehensive library of courses. It offers personalized recommendations based on an employee’s skills, interests, and career goals. In addition, the platform enables organizations to create learning paths by selecting relevant courses, which employees can access anytime, anywhere.

LinkedIn Learning also provides social learning features, such as discussions and collaboration, which enhance the learning experience and encourage knowledge sharing among employees.

Udemy for Business

Udemy for Business is a platform that offers a vast selection of on-demand courses taught by industry experts. It enables organizations to curate their own learning content by choosing from over 7,000 courses across various domains. Udemy for Business provides features for custom branding and integration with existing learning management systems (LMS), making it seamless for organizations to incorporate them into their training programs.

With its flexible pricing model and scalable infrastructure, Udemy for Business is a popular choice for organizations of all sizes.


Degreed is a learning experience platform that allows organizations to create customized learning paths by curating resources from various sources, including online courses, articles, videos, and books. It provides a holistic view of an employee’s learning journey by tracking and measuring their progress across different formats and platforms.

Degreed also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend personalized learning content based on an employee’s interests, skills, and career goals. With its emphasis on lifelong learning and skill development, Degreed is well-suited for a diverse workforce.

These platforms leverage cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights to offer tailor-made learning experiences that address the diverse needs of the modern workforce. By harnessing the power of these platforms, organizations can embark on a journey toward maximizing their employees’ potential and staying ahead in an ever-competitive business landscape.

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