VVDN opens 5G Test Lab to provide ORAN, RCT and Inter-Operability Testing Services


VVDN Technologies, end-to-end product engineering and manufacturing company, today announced the introduction of a new end-to-end 5G Testing Lab for 5G ORAN Based RU Devices in India. VVDN’s 5G lab is intended to enable technology providers such as telecom device manufactures, system integrators as well as Telcos to do protocol and validation testing for Open RAN(ORAN), Radio Conformance Testing (RCT) and IOT(Inter-operability testing) in a real 5G radio environment.

Open RAN is touted for its potential to provide vendor diversity, network flexibility and lower cost. Though its future success is not in question but its adoption timing is definitely a concerning factor for ORAN technology service providers. Device Manufacturers need a quick way to holistically check their radio devices performance and conformance to a wireless network comprising of multi-vendor systems. VVDN’s 5G Testing Services offerings will help customers transition to 5G ORAN by examining how Radio solutions behaves in a fully interoperable, technology-neutral network. A detailed insight on the Radio Device performance, will help in accelerating time to market for the ORAN solutions.

Nitin Jain, Vice President – Sales, VVDN Technologies said, ” VVDN has deep commitments in the 5G space. I am thrilled that VVDN’s state of the art 5G Testing Lab is opening doors to many technology partners who are looking for their 5G ORAN based solution launch.” He further added, “Our investment in setting up state-of-the-art 5G Testing Lab is very critical to our 5G strategy where we’ve committed ourselves to enable the 5G eco-system. Today we not only help customers with their Radio Unit design, development and manufacturing but also help them with the much needed interoperability, compliance and interface testing solutions.”

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