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Top 6 blockchain startups to look out for in 2019


Back in 2011 when Bitcoin was traded for 1USD, not much of a thought was given to it. However, few years down the lane it got traded at 16,000USD. such is the power behind the Bitcoin, the blockchain technology. Reason of its success? its power to give a whole new world of transparency while cutting down the unnecessary mediums with its smart contracts. Here are few Indian blockchain start ups that are making news for the good reasons:


Founded in 2016, This start up is one of the most current success story in the blockchain Industry. A company that was started hardly 2 years ago to provide blockchain based banking solutions, currently has 33 banking and financial institutions as its clients including the country’s biggest lender State Bank of India. With its product like Primechain-Gurantee that offers each entry on it being digitally signed by the member bank and real time supervision by authorities through regular nodes, Primechain has surfaced as a major player in providing next gen banking solutions.


Founded in 2017, Wandx is a mutli-blockchain DEX platform and a protocol for trade and is the world’s first multi-blockchain decentralised token exchange ecosystem along witha hedging product powered by the basket protocol. 


MinersINC is a Blockchain-powered P2P platform which brings together the creators and consumers of entertainment media in the form of movies, music, and games. The company is currently engaged in building a BC-based entertainment ecosystem for the Indian at heart, which puts creators back in control of their creation.The company is in the process of constructing a robust technology-driven system which can offer solutions to the evils that plague the Indian entertainment industry like piracy, revenue leakages, rights management, and opaque systems Through a zero-cost distribution infrastructure, MinersINC is building the world’s most powerful, transparent, community-driven conservatory and custodian of artwork for creators on Blockchain. 


WazirX is India’s most trusted bitcoin exchange, also enabling Indians to build up their digital assets by buying, selling or investing in other crypto-assets, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. In addition to supporting the leading crypto-currencies, WazirX also announced the launch of India’s own digital asset, WRX. Powered with the vision of involving every Indian in the burgeoning Blockchain economy, WazirX offers users with a simple yet powerful interface with real-time open order books, charting, trade history, deposit & withdrawals to trade and invest in some of the world’s best performing digital assets. 


Founded in 2015, they work on easy remittance built on top of the blockchain . Inspired from the appearance of Bitcoin and later Ethereum, the founders use BC technology to empower people around the world with free access to a global financial system&transactions with their three flagship products- EzyRemit,EzyHedge,EzyRemitB2B.

Elemential Labs

Mumbai-based Elemential is a blockchain middleware for enterprise. While the founders Raunaq Vaisoha, Anil Dukkipatty, Sahil Kathpal and Aaryaman Vir Shah dub Elemential as the wordpress of the blockchain space, Elemential products are sector agnostic and are being used to create a KYC utility by NSE, enable instant allotment for asset registries, manage royalty payments for media licenses.

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