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Solving the Data Scatteredness challenge with BLACKbox to ensure Data Security


We know gold is a precious metal, and so is the data that your organization generates every day. Be it your industrial designs, financial sheets, employee records, customer details, etc., all this data is valuable for your business. Based on this data you can make informed decisions and chart a growth strategy in the market, instead of making guesses and assumptions. That’s why the data today is your digital gold, which is invaluable. And, just like gold this data too needs to be protected as a valuable asset. We had the opportunity to interact over a webinar with Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Synersoft Technologies, and gain insights on how businesses can keep their data safe. During the webinar he also shared the best practices an organization should opt for better management of data, which also includes backing-up the precious data timely and effectively.

Out of many such challenges as discussed by Mr. Shah, data scatteredness is one such challenge that organizations are facing these days. Employees keep valuable data across multiple locations such as, in a laptop, shared storage, or even thumb drives etc. Then it becomes a challenge for the organization to organize such data and maintain proper and timely backup. Mr Shah, in this video explains how one can solve such issues and minimize data scatteredness using device-hardening solutions. One such solution he demonstrated for device-hardening to minimize data scatteredness is BLACKBox. This solution takes control of where any particular data can be stored by any user. For instance, an employee will only have the option of storing data on a shared central storage, but he or she will not be able to store the data on physical drives of the device. Thus, ensuring data is at a central location, managed properly and is secured.

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