Polymatech Gears Up To Launch Advanced Semiconductor Components In India For 5G And 6G Applications


Polymatech Electronics, India’s sole semiconductor chip manufacturer, is set to start the mass production of advanced semiconductor components in India for 5G and 6G applications. Currently, in the testing phase, Polymatech will start to manufacture the chips at the company’s main manufacturing plant in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. Ahead of the widespread 5G rollout in India, there is a need for the Industry to combat the friction points in 5G infrastructure. Semiconductors from Polymatech will not only reduce the procurement cost of components for telecom companies but also achieve low power loss and increased efficiency. With this, India will become only the third country in Asia after South Korea and Taiwan to manufacture 5G and 6G components.

The 5G network is expected to maintain its momentum of growth due to the demand for smart cities and factories, as well as the emergence of fully autonomous vehicles. Until the 5G network infrastructure is in place, it will not be possible to completely deploy the technology and realise its full potential. 5G, cloud data centres, edge computing, IoT, smart cities and autonomous vehicles among others rely on advanced semiconductors. Polymatech is well-positioned in this field, with a clear advantage due to its expertise and capabilities. With their cutting-edge semiconductor technology, they are poised to lead the way in the development of advanced solutions that will power the next generation of technology.

Speaking about the development, Eswara Rao Nandam, Founding President of Polymatech said “We are leveraging our expertise in Sapphire-based GaN Semicon chips to produce semiconductor components for 5G and 6G applications to achieve low power loss, efficient signal isolation and reliable functionality. With Polymatech’s homegrown technology and experience in LTCC and HTCC packaging, it is possible to create miniaturised communications and sensor modules operating at very high frequencies, as well as photonics modules with low resistance, faster switching speed, quick reverse recovery and low loss optical interfaces. Though the technology is developed in-house by Polymatech scientists, we are in an advanced stage of discussions with industry experts from Europe to reduce the testing time cycles for high reliability and adherence to European Union standards.”

Polymatech is investing $1 billion in semiconductor chip manufacturing. It aims to become one of the largest chip manufacturers in Asia by 2025, with a projected revenue of $12 billion by 2030. Specialising in Opto-semiconductors, the company currently fabricates 1 million chips daily at its main manufacturing plant in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. And it is augmenting to manufacture 10 billion chips per annum in CY 2023. Photonics are used in all the technologies that use, produce or modify light. Polymatech has revolutionised optical communication, quantum computing and industrial measuring devices with their offerings.

Two more facilities of Polymatech are being set up to bolster the production capacity. The first plant at Oragadam, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu has a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with machinery imported from Japan and the adoption of a full-fledged Industry 4.0 theme. The company is also working on forward and backward integration of current products and localisation of products that are manufactured.

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