Numonix IXCloud Certified as Microsoft Teams Solution


Numonix, a developer of one of the most versatile interaction recording solutions for Unified Communication platforms, announced that its IXCloud solution has completed compliance recording certification for Microsoft Teams. Uniquely activated as a fully managed service while utilizing the flexibility of Microsoft Azure services, IXCloud is a fully managed compliance recording solution for Teams. IXCloud securely records, stores and analyzes interactions in the cloud without physical or virtual servers.

“We are proud to announce that after rigorous testing and extensive evaluation, IXCloud is now certified for compliance recording for Microsoft Teams. In fact, it is one of the first certified compliance recording solutions for Teams,” said Evan Kahan, COO of Numonix. “Requiring little or no footprint within your organization, IXCloud is delivered as a cloud service. Compliance of your interaction recordings has never been so easy.”

“We are pleased to work with partners like Numonix who are building on our cloud platforms so our joint customers can take advantage of offerings like IXCloud to support their growth and compliance needs,” said Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams Platform at Microsoft.

“I am very proud of our team for achieving certification for our Numonix IXCloud interaction recording solution. Attaining certification is particularly rewarding,” added Kahan. “Accomplishing the hard work to attain this certification validates our commitment to develop compliance recording solutions and add to the Teams ecosystem as a whole.”

Delivers on the Promise of Interaction Recording for Teams

As a fully managed Azure-based, Software-as-a-Service cloud interaction recording solution, IXCloud takes interaction capture into the future. It enables instant and elastic scalability to support business growth and provides the necessary tools to enhance business performance while maintaining compliance.

“A longtime Microsoft Gold Partner, Numonix has both the expertise and experience of consistently meeting the needs of both Microsoft partners and customers. Numonix is committed to continuing to deliver superior interaction recording solutions that securely and easily integrate into Microsoft environments,” added Kahan.

IX Cloud Features: Bring Your Own Storage, Data Geo Zone Selection and More

  • Bring Your Own Storage
  • Data Geo Zone Selection, ensuring data sovereignty
  • Advanced Encryption Methodologies
  • Secure Sharing, allowing calls to be shared securely without the need to email or download files
  • Hybrid Configuration Support, which captures interactions on-premises and utilizes cloud-based storage and UI management for non-Teams-based platforms
  • Elastic and hyper scalability
  • Deep Security Capabilities, including unique encryption per call, digital signatures, customizable role-based access control and call playback restrictions
  • Advanced selective recording rules engine, which targets calls by call scenario, call queue or DNIS
  • OpenAPI framework, enabling customization and integration

Low Total Cost of Ownership, Subscription-Based Pricing, Same-Day Deployment

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership with Subscription-Based Pricing — No up-front capital expenditures; subscription-based pricing
  • Same-Day Deployment — A simple flip of a switch provisions new users so they can be up and running the very same day
  • Unlimited Scalability — Elastic scalability allows you to increase capacity without concern for infrastructure
  • Storage Versatility — Use the cloud recorder and store your interactions in a dedicated IXCloud storage instance or in your own Azure account
  • Enhanced Encryption — Multi-layer security, infrastructure layer security and decryption in storage blob
  • Business Continuity — With redundancy and georedundancy, IX Cloud grants continuous access to your recordings across multiple regions simultaneously with 99.999% uptime
  • Centralization — Flexibility to ensure you can consolidate all your interactions in one place

Customer Insights, Risk Management, Agent Performance Management

  • Customer Insights — Derive valuable business insights from a growing portfolio of analytics features, including speech analytics and key-word search
  • Risk Management — Easily and cost-effectively resolve customer disputes by replaying and sharing a comprehensive view of a Microsoft Teams interaction
  • Agent Performance Management — Assess agents’ customer interactions with advanced capabilities

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