Matrix gives a new dimension to Access Control with Contactless Technology

Kaushal Kadakia, Matrix Comsec

COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented level of changes to our lives, be it at home or work, adhering to safety measures is the only way to curb this deadly virus from spreading. As door entries and access systems are high-traffic points in a building, they have become the most prone areas for spreading contamination if any infected person uses them. Hence, organizations are adopting contactless access control solutions that ensure the safety of employees while ensuring the security of premises. Unlike biometric or card-based access systems, a contactless access system prevents a person to push buttons, pressing a finger for authentication, or swiping the card for entering the premises.

Such contactless access devices will therefore become a norm in office and government buildings to maintain the health and safety of the users. Matrix Comsec, a pioneer in access control solutions in India, has introduced an adaptive, scalable, and feature-rich contactless access control solution to meet the industry demands of enhanced security. To understand the changing dynamics and trends in contactless access control technology, we had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager of Matrix Comsec. Here is an excerpt from the interaction.

Due to COVID-19, many organizations were forced to move from fingerprint to contactless access control solutions. What new solutions have you brought for people mobility management in the new workplace environment?

COVID-19 will lead to better preparedness to “go touchless” — enabling many businesses to maintain  productivity without face-to-face meetings, travel, and brick and mortar hours. With the right procedures, processes, and tools in place, we can expect to see this trend stick in the form of a greater safe-at-work attitude. As security is a top concern for everyone, all the security companies have worked on the basic needs of all the organizations by keeping a contactless theme in mind.

With the rising demand for contactless credentials, face recognition (FR) technology has started growing and is widely accepted all over the globe. Matrix COSEC ARGO FACE is designed to meet the aesthetics, technology, and application requirements of the organizations. COSEC ARGO FACE is powered by advanced face recognition technology and features. Being a biometric credential it eliminates the problems of forgetting or misplacing keys and PINs.

Matrix give new dimension to access control

COSEC ARGO FACE is an ideal product having multiple deployment modes. Organizations can deploy devices at locations like hospitals, corporate offices, plants, project sites, etc. Matrix offers an all-in-one integrated FR-based product suitable for working in tough environmental conditions. It is supported with advanced connectivity options and design, making it suitable for challenging and outdoor installations.

Be it a large organization or an SME/SMB, security is a major concern for all. What are your preventive security solutions that cater to the growing security needs of the businesses?

If we talk about Access Control Solution, we offer Access Control with multiple credentials such as BLE, Face Recognition, RFID, PIN, Fingerprint. Apart from that, Matrix also offers multiple connectivity options such as 3G/4G/LTE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wiegand, RS-485, and RS-232.

Matrix COSEC Cafeteria Management Module (CMM) is a completely automated canteen management software starting from planning order to delivery, including payments. Cafeteria Management allows tracking menu items, speedy transactions and prevents accounting errors.

Moreover, Matrix provides COSEC MIRROR as an application that facilitates viewing different menu items. This canteen management system allows users to select menu items from any android device. The user interface ensures ease in the selection of items. This prevents queues and reduces cafeteria transaction time.

Visitor Management is also a headache nowadays for organizations. Matrix has a solution for that as well. Matrix COSEC VMS promotes a secure, smart, and productive workplace. It is a one-stop solution for all your workplace reception management needs – from managing strangers to expected guests. It streamlines the entire visitor management process, from registration to the live status monitoring of the visitor, along with visit notifications and alerts. Provide a better hospitality experience to visitors with Matrix COSEC VMS.

The need of the hour is security solutions that are proactive, easy to install as well as provide remote access to security devices and recorders. Matrix caters to this need by offering its centralized video management solution – SATATYA SAMAS. A proactive solution that is easy to install and is developed on an open platform. To add further, the solution provides real-time alerts to manage breaches and re-establish security in no time. Finally, providing remote access to the users the solution is capable of operating in both single and multiple locations.

Matrix Comsec has its independent R&D facility. What new cutting-edge technology products and solutions are you planning to introduce in 2022?

2022 will be with new challenges and hopes for all the businesses, and, physical security with Video Surveillance would be the priority for all the public and private sectors. In the coming year, Matrix is going to invest in strengthening the Video Management Software by adding video analytics and automation modules.

Speaking of new-age surveillance cameras and devices in 2022. To begin with, we are starting off by adding 8MP cameras to our existing camera range i.e. Professional and Project series cameras. Next, we have introduced our turret series IP cameras that have been designed to provide flexibility in the installation of cameras. These cameras are also known as ball and socket cameras which give flexibility in terms of camera axis adjustment once mounted. Apart from this, the glass areas are less which drops the chances of fingerprints on the glass while installing.  Besides this, we are planning to add ruggedized camera series.

Most of the Access Control Solutions in the market are based on traditional networking technologies. Matrix is going to enhance a new generation access control system based on distributed network architecture leveraging IP technology. New generation Access Control Readers are also in the pipeline with low cost and multiple identification technologies such as BLE, fingerprint, PIN, and card.

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