Kaspersky and CERT-In conducted training exercise on Interactive Protection Simulation platform to enhance the cybersecurity maturity amongst Indian IT professionals


Kaspersky in collaboration with CERT-In conducted a 2-hour simulation exercise & training for IT professionals from various public and private sector organizations in the power sector in India on 10th June (Thursday) 2021, in order to give a boost to their cybersecurity skills and escalate their cyber maturity. The training was conducted via Kaspersky’s Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) online platform, a dedicated business simulation game which aims to convey the potential implications of cybersecurity to participants and help them better understand this topic.

In the recent past, globally there has been an increase in the number of cyberattacks, reinforcing the need for every nation’s security experts to stay up to date with the constantly changing and very sophisticated threat ecosystem. While successfully stepping towards digital transformation, India too needs to secure its ICT infrastructure, organizations and important institutions from the growing cyber threats and such interactive trainings can contribute significantly to achieving the desired level of security.

Genie Gan, Head of Public Affairs, APAC, Kaspersky said, “We are glad to work with CERT-In to support their stakeholders and constituent organizations in further understanding the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in an incident response. The goal of KIPS is to help managers cooperate in the event of a cybersecurity threat and to save money on incident recovery costs. KIPS online keeps the fun in learning how online threats work, how companies should respond to an attack and how it could be mitigated, through two hours of interactive game.”

Thanks to this technology, a company’s decision makers and senior managers can “work” as information security specialists. It lets them learn from first-hand experience how cybersecurity-related decisions affect the business and show the connection between cybersecurity and a company’s efficiency.

Dr. Sanjay Bahl, Director General, CERT-In commented, “CERT-In recognizes the importance of conducting regular trainings for its stakeholders and constituent organizations with partners such as Kaspersky to prepare the stakeholders and constituent organizations in detecting and responding to potential cyber attacks. An interactive platform which simulates a cyber attack business game will help participants to better understand the nuances regarding Incident Response while gaining knowledge & expertise in cyber security and perform effectively as a team.

This training session was conducted as a part of their MOU signed in October 2020.

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