We extensively use AI and especially with Infraon IoTMS as well as other products

EverestIMS Satish-Kumar

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. an Indian software product company with a rich market experience in the I&O and Digital Transformation space, while being rooted to the Make in India ethos. EverestIMS specialized in providing integrated AI driven IT products and solutions to empower organizations to deliver enhanced services to their end-users while addressing core business needs. They currently offer a host of products and solutions that target Large Enterprises, Telecoms, Government, BFSI, SMBs, E Commerce and a host of others. In an interaction with SmartStateIndia, Satish Kumar V, CEO, EverestIMS Technologies discussed about various product portfolios and more.

What are the different product portfolios EverestIMS have? How do you strategize your products to the diverse needs of today’s Indian Market?

At EverestIMS we specialize in providing AI Powered integrated IT products and solutions empowering organizations to deliver enhanced services to their end-users while addressing core business needs. EverestIMS currently offers a host of products and solutions in the Infrastructure and operations space and security solutions that target Large Enterprises, Telecoms, Government, BFSI, SMBs, E Commerce and a host of others. Our solutions are delivered under the “Infraon Product Suite” spanning Enterprises, Telecom and SMBs. These comprise:

1. Infraon ITOM Suite consisting of Infraon IMS, Infraon NCCM, Infraon Desk , Infraon Assets
2. AI and AIOPS powered overlay system on the ITOM suite.
3. Zero trust system Infraon SecuRA
4. Telecom suite consisting of Infraon OSS which includes UNMS and Infraon IoTMS.

Which product of EverestIMS has maximum traction in the Indian market?
Infraon IMS has a large market-share due to its older pedigree and application usage across industries and verticals. However, our integrated ITOM suite which includes products like Infraon NCCM and Infraon Desk are widespread amongst BFSI and Enterprise respectively. While we cover Telecoms with Infraon OSS, UNMS and IoTMS. So from a larger perspective we cater to the widest array of customers across the spectrum.

How does your IoTMS platform help in data management? Describe the technology.

We have a well-developed and exceptionally matured IoTMS product. Infraon IoTMS platform prepares and blends machine and sensor data with other assets to provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes. Through its highly informative interface, Infraon IoTMS captures and provides real-time performance data of these devices. It drives a multi-protocol scenario depending on the application, payload container, messaging or legacy systems. For data to be analysed in an intelligent manner to acquire meaningful insights. Infraon IoTMS offers analytics that are Real Time, Batch, Predictive and Interactive.

To what extent do you use AI and how reliable is it?

We extensively use AI and especially with Infraon IoTMS as well as other products. It uses predictive algorithms to determine operational challenges and proactively identify product-quality problems.

The accuracy of AI depends on the use case and domain you are trying to cater to. Our AI & AIOPS system has two distinct types of elements BOT’s and Algo’s. Typically, AI touches People, Systems and Processes. Deeper touch points with people taking the example of chat bots have become very sophisticated and have been able to achieve high accuracy for the work it has been well trained on. Similar are other bots of the system which are more of a helping hand and have high accuracy. AI Alogs that drives and predicts systems, their status and performance, have been able to achieve accuracy of around 85% and more. A lot depends on the feedback loop you are able to create, which results in improving your model. AI that impacts processes like ‘Automation’ are highly accurate. Their scope is very user specific. But it is for this very reason that they are precise – the more focussed the scope definition, the more accurate it gets.

In what countries outside India do you distribute your products and solutions?

We are focussing on the US markets with products like Infraon SecuRA and have started to make plans and progress in South East Asia including Australia and the Middle East. We are an extremely channel focused company and our primary strategy would be to join hands with like-minded channel partners in those regions. However, where we can offer blended models, like a direct to customer product, we will try to do so

How are these markets different from each other?

Each market holds different challenges and penetration scenarios.
South East Asian markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc., tend to be driven by partnerships, and companies deal with those they trust or have been with them for a long time. Similar to India they are a cost conscious market.

Australian is a very solution focused market and catering to their specific needs is the key
EMEA markets are driven by technology, brand and advancements of features based on the competition. They are also highly conscious of support and reliability. Certification and high visibility is key to success here.

What does your roadmap as a whole look like for the next one year?
We plan on deeper expansion and thrust across the globe in terms of region and wider breadth in terms of business vertical coverage. The US and Europe are focus points while we look to extending our offerings in other regions.

We look towards AIOps as the next level since our Infraon Suite is unique in that it can exist as a separate set of products while seamlessly integrating together if needed. The innovative factor is that the Infraon AIOps platform brings together insights, information, and capabilities that were previously distributed in disconnected islands. Prior to using our product, most IT teams would have been using different tools for different purposes which is a very siloed, island type approach that keeps insights hidden away. What our Infraon Suite does it to use AIOps to tie them all together and thus deliver a seamlessly shared visibility across all teams, tools, domains, and management levels.

With work from home becoming a norm across the globe, security issues are becoming a reality and our product like Infraon SecuRA is aptly suited for such environment. Zero-Trust Security along with Remote Access are the best approach to current demands of operational flexibility not only in the pandemic background but also for rapid growth and global operations. Infraon Assets another recent launch helps enterprises take charge of the entire Asset Lifecycle and Expenses. It is a single source of truth that allows enterprises to extract ROI and make informed asset management decisions.

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