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Interconnection Platforms – helping businesses to become secure and future-proof

DE-CIX-India-Sudhir Kunder

Enabling remote working through numerous cloud-based applications and giving access to corporate data for the workforce has added to the growing complexities that enterprises are facing today for securing their network infrastructures. The challenge is not just to secure but also to ensure optimal performance of the network infrastructure. For the business to succeed, organizations require their business-critical data to be transferred securely with the lowest latency so that the employees can work efficiently and seamlessly. This is whereby leveraging interconnection services, such as DE-CIX, an organization can simplify and take control of its network infrastructure. This type of platform results in improving the performance immensely as well as future-proofing the business to deal with ever-increasing amounts of data and new applications.

We had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Sudhir Kunder, Country Director, DE-CIX India, about the increasing adoption of interconnection platforms and how it ensures security in the current cyber threat landscape.

When the cyber attacks are at all-time high, what are the benefits for organizations to move to interconnected platforms?

Answer: We believe that future threats or attacks will become less common as enterprises become more aware of the importance of connecting to a smart grid communications interconnection platform that is legally compliant, such as DE-CIX.

Enterprises have already begun to migrate infrastructure to a secure interconnection environment with trust networks. During the process, they discovered that the Interconnected Platform would provide a robust, reliable, and secure environment, in addition to giving them better control over their traffic routing, improving latency, lowering network costs, connecting with leading national and international networks, creating a better Internet experience, and direct peering with CDNs, OTTs, and content providers.

As organizations move towards the new hybrid-work environment, how can they future-proof their infrastructure for protecting remote workers from cyber-attacks?

Answer: Investment in an Interconnected Connect Cloud Environment with Single Access Port Services should be a top priority for businesses in order to achieve Fast, Simple, Stable, and secure data storage that will ensure data availability even if the equipment is damaged. As a precaution, enterprises should connect to Interconnection Platforms that include features such as DirectCLOUD, IRRDb Filtering, Blackholing, and MAPS (Microsoft Azure Peering Service), which provide additional protection for their remote workers.

Data security is of prime concern for organizations. How can interconnection platforms address this concern? What are your solutions in this regard?

Answer: As the threat landscape evolves and expands, data security is increasingly becoming a focus area for enterprises across industries. Connecting multi-vendor solutions is one of the most difficult challenges that organizations face when implementing security. Rather than a comprehensive threat-aware infrastructure, security is extended at various points and times. As a result, it is critical to use the Secured Interconnection Platform at each point of connection before incorporating them to ensure network-wide security.

In this context, DE-CIX has introduced Peering Port and Direct Cloud Services, which provide secure connectivity solutions for businesses. In the near future, we will be launching Microsoft Azure Peering Services (MAPS), which is Microsoft O-365, as well as Blackholing, which is commonly known as DDoS mitigation.

 Have you noticed any increase in security incidents during the lockdown period as compared to the pre-lockdown period? How are you ensuring a robust seamless network to customers?

Answer: As a result of our efforts to improve the reliability, security, and robustness of our customers’ networks, we have not observed any security threats to those networks. Our infrastructure is built with world-class facilities, and our services are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry standards as well as being environmentally friendly. In fact, DE-CIX India has the highest uptime in the world, setting a new global standard in the process.

Because of our foresight and world-class infrastructure, no customers had any security-related issues. It has actually grown to 460+ networks from India and SARRC countries on a world-class Infrastructure Interconnection Platform with peak traffic of 2.3 Tbps, and we have even assisted enterprises with their cloud needs, providing them with secure and reliable connectivity for the cloud. ISPs, CDNs, OTT players, and Telco are connected to our Interconnection Platform which is spread across 15 data centres and offers a higher level of geographical density and locational redundancy.

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